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Blockchain based Digital Tokenized Assets is a rapidly growing space. This discussion on digital assets will look at a diverse set of offerings and their motivations, innovations and future. For example, companies are providing users with decentralized cloud storage similar to services like Dropbox, cap table on the blockchain offering security tokens, flexibility of paying on the blockchain with the stability of the US dollar or local currency, digitizing loyalty points and more.

  1. We’ll explore specific aspects of the digital asset’s utility, and how can blockchain solve the existing business problems.
  2. What is the current market reception for digital asset solutions?
  3. What is in your ‘wish list’ of the next level of application of the digital asset?

Send your questions to the moderator at Jagruti.Solanki@aprio.com



September 9, 2020

11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Society: Blockchain Society


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