TAG Bridge Builders is launching their Tech Inclusive Mid-Level to Senior-Level mentorship program and looking for participants. Our promise to our members is to have a robust mentorship program as a meaningful benefit of their membership.

The mentorship program is designed to provide mentees with the opportunity to build a relationship with and learn from senior executives. Mentors will have the opportunity to share their learned and lived experiences to help mid-level Minority tech professionals advance in their careers.

As a mentee, you will be guided and influenced by senior leaders.

Mentors, we ask that you volunteer your time to provide valuable expert guidance over the next program year.

Mentorship Program Overview:

  • Each mentor is paired with 1-3 mentees

  • Small group mentoring sessions are required monthly; 1:1 mentoring is optional

  • The time commitment is flexible, but can range from 1-4 hours per month

  • A volunteer group coordinator will manage scheduling and communications

  • Meeting format is recommended to be hybrid with a combination of virtual and in-person meetings

Mentee Qualifications:

  • Must be a minority tech professional
    • (BIPOC and other disadvantaged Georgians)
  • Required title or position: Supervisor or above
  • Manage staff of 1-3 people
  • Must report to an Executive Director and above


Mentor Qualifications:

  • Required title or position: Executive Director, VP, C-Suite, Managing Partner, Board Director
  • Must be available for minimum 1hr per month for a mentorship session
  • Must manage a minimum of five direct reports
For more information contact Jordan Colbert at jordanc@tagonline.org

TAG Bridge Builders Advisory Board