Our Mission is to create Connection, Content, and Collaboration through Smart Communities and Sustainability development in Georgia.

From basic utility access, food access and safety solutions to business processes across procurement and manufacturing to marketing and packaging, companies have an opportunity to develop and implement sustainable technologies throughout its value chain to nurture smart communities.

Georgia is home to a huge number of sustainability incubators, renewable energy startups, corporations with sustainability initiatives, and passionate individuals and non-profits. The TAG Smart Communities & Sustainability Society will bring together these organizations to promote the development and adoption of technologies throughout the state of Georgia.

2021 Objectives

  • Establish a new engaged society board
  • Enable technologies and programs that embrace innovation around Smart Communities and Sustainability
  • Engage relevant stakeholders to enhance and lead in our journey
  • Communicate our mission widely and consistently to build awareness and inspiration
  • Connect members to create publications and technical briefings on Smart Communities and Sustainability
  • Educate community on the economic impact of Smart Communities and Sustainability

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Smart Communities & Sustainability events

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Smart Communities & Sustainability Society Board

Stacey Lusk

Southern Company

Jacquie Smyth


Board Member Benefits and Responsibilities

Corporate and Personal Benefits

  • Corporate recognition as a leader in sustainable technologies
  • Personal connection with companies and TAG members throughout their sustainability journey
  • Opportunity to educate, promote, and develop Smart Communities and Sustainability across Georgia, on both a corporate and personal level


  • Monthly 1-hour meetings with all board members to maintain momentum, gain consensus, and promote creativity
  • Development and support of three Society-sponsored events in 2021
  • Fundraising ideation, promotion, and corporate sponsorships of both the Society and events

Recent Smart Communities & Sustainablility News

Goodie Nation Announces CULTIVATE: Hack the Wealth Gap Powered by AARP Innovation Labs

Non-profit leader Goodie Nation™ today announces

CULTIVATE: Hack the Wealth Gap powered by AARP Innovation Labs, an initiative to identify and support the top BIPOC founders working on early-stage innovative solutions that are reducing wealth inequality in the U.S.

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ATDC at Georgia Tech is Hiring a Startup Catalyst (5G Mobility Technology)

Serving within the Research Faculty of The Institute, Startup Catalysts directly support the extension, service, and economic development missions of Georgia Tech to the State of Georgia and beyond. Primarily this role provides entrepreneurial incubation and acceleration services to Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) companies in strategic areas that foster their development and encourage growth. Specifically, this position will specialize in startup incubation in the fields of mobility, connectivity, smart communities, and IoT devices and systems. The incumbent will oversee ATDC 5G Mobility programmatic activities which will include (overall): recruiting mobility, connectivity, and IoT technology startups; marketing the ATDC Connectivity Program; directing/coordinating all efforts involved with relevant program partners/stakeholders/constituents.

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Technology Association of Georgia Announces the Top 40 Innovative Technology Companies in Georgia

Companies to be featured at the 2021 Georgia Technology Summit – Georgia’s Largest Technology Industry Showcase

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