Customer expectations are rising at a pace faster than most organizations can keep up. Billions have been spent on tools to create good customer relationships and experiences, and yet many companies still have to contend with too much churn and too many missed opportunities.

TAG CRM & CX focuses on how successful B2B and B2C companies implement and manage CRM & CX strategies and tools. Topics include creating Customer Experience strategies, software solutions, cutting the cost of using your CRM & CX solutions, approaches leading to the highest customer satisfaction scores, and best practices for improving data quality.


  1. To create a platform for exchanging ideas related to the selling, servicing and marketing to your customers
  2. To promote the education of customer relationship management and customer experience technologies and processes
  3. To provide CRM & CX domain expertise through guest speakers and panelists
  4. To deliver a high quality networking organization for CRM & CX technology and business professionals


The TAG CRM & CX society is a diverse group of professionals ranging from staff to executive management focused in all areas of customer relationship management and customer experience. TAG CRM & CX includes members from various roles and departments such as Information Technology, Sales, Customer Service and Marketing and the overarching role of Customer Experience.

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CRM & CX Society Board

Jeremiah "JD" Dickerson


Jayant Umrani
Vice Chair

Bolt Today

Lydia Slotten
Past Chair


Eric Bleke


Swami Ganapathy

SPAR Solutions

Pilar Garcia


James Hu

Infocess Corporation

David Massey


Kristen O'Neal


Marcus Stallworth


Recent CRM & CX News

Goodie Nation Announces CULTIVATE: Hack the Wealth Gap Powered by AARP Innovation Labs

Non-profit leader Goodie Nation™ today announces

CULTIVATE: Hack the Wealth Gap powered by AARP Innovation Labs, an initiative to identify and support the top BIPOC founders working on early-stage innovative solutions that are reducing wealth inequality in the U.S.

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Technology Association of Georgia Announces the Top 40 Innovative Technology Companies in Georgia

Companies to be featured at the 2021 Georgia Technology Summit – Georgia’s Largest Technology Industry Showcase

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Karthik Mani Joins Aptos as Chief Product Officer

Buckhead-based retail powerhouse Aptos today announced the appointment of Karthik Mani as Chief Product Officer, bolstering its executive team following the appointment of new CEO Pete Sinisgalli in November 2020.

In his new post, Mani brings more than 25 years of experience in delivering enterprise software and services including SaaS solutions to the world’s leading brands.

The announcement comes only a few weeks following Aptos’ announcement that it will acquire Iceland-based LS Retail, a world-leading developer and provider of all-in-one software solutions for sectors including retail, hospitality, food service, pharmacy and more. The news marks the second acquisition in a row for Aptos, after Aptos acquired retail pricing leader Revionics in September 2020, and after it kicked off 2020 its acquisition by Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division in January 2020.

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