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The TAG Supply Chain, Logistics and Manufacturing society combines the strengths of these vibrant Georgia industries.

The pace of technology innovation will continue to accelerate and the complexity of global supply chains will increase. Meanwhile, Georgia’s reputation continues to strengthen as a desirable location for global manufacturing and logistics companies. Supply Chain practitioners must embrace technology to achieve the flawless execution their customers expect.

The society’s mission, in part, is to create collaboration and education opportunities for Georgia’s supply chain and logistics community responsible for designing, developing, implementing or operating technology solutions to improve supply chain and logistics performance. Join us to learn the supply chain trends and achievements that are powering the modern supply chain.

The society also seeks to connect people, organizations, and companies that utilize technology in manufacturing production and the supporting supply chain.

Manufacturing has a significant impact on Georgia’s economy, accounting for output of over $50 billion, 90% of the state’s exports, and employment of over 350,000 people. Advances in technology have enabled manufacturing to become very high-tech, which is why manufacturing is expanding, including companies that are “reshoring”.  Indeed, manufacturing is not a “stand-alone” industry; it is part of a much broader supply chain and affects or is affected by an array of other industries and technologies.

As such, many of our events are in partnership with other TAG societies, enabling the society to leverage expertise in a variety of industries and technology areas to provide broad, rich, and relevant content to TAG members.  Past society events have focused on the Industrial Internet of Things, Operational Excellence, Smart Energy, Infrastructure, and Advanced Manufacturing technologies.

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Steve Vail
Board Chair

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Social Media Chair

Arketi Group

Chris Cole


Bruce Hagenau

Metcam, Inc.

Nick Hopcroft

UGA Student

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Sugra Naqvi
Membership Chair

FastTek Global

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Finance Chair


Daniel Rice


Johnny Warren, Jr.


Recent Supply Chain, Logistics & Manufacturing News

LocatorX Appoints Michelle Jones as Director of Client Success, Driving Client Satisfaction

Jones will assist in client onboarding and implementation

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Karthik Mani Joins Aptos as Chief Product Officer

Buckhead-based retail powerhouse Aptos today announced the appointment of Karthik Mani as Chief Product Officer, bolstering its executive team following the appointment of new CEO Pete Sinisgalli in November 2020.

In his new post, Mani brings more than 25 years of experience in delivering enterprise software and services including SaaS solutions to the world’s leading brands.

The announcement comes only a few weeks following Aptos’ announcement that it will acquire Iceland-based LS Retail, a world-leading developer and provider of all-in-one software solutions for sectors including retail, hospitality, food service, pharmacy and more. The news marks the second acquisition in a row for Aptos, after Aptos acquired retail pricing leader Revionics in September 2020, and after it kicked off 2020 its acquisition by Goldman Sachs’ Merchant Banking Division in January 2020.

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Arketi Sweeps the 2020 PRSA Georgia Phoenix Awards

Arketi Group Earned 10 Awards at the 2020 PRSA Georgia Phoenix Awards Celebration

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