TAG Cloud, a society of Technology Association of Georgia, is a diverse community of Cloud subscribers and service providers that come together to share ideas and experiences regarding the changing paradigm of infrastructure service delivery leveraging Cloud computing.

TAG Cloud endeavors to leverage the immense pool of technology talent in Georgia and the experiences they derive in working for many of the most recognized brands in the world to increase the collective potential of our community through knowledge sharing, education, ideation, and the opportunity to shape the future of the industry.

Through regular meetings, networking events, seminars, and symposiums, TAG Cloud will provide a regular forum for Georgia technologists to learn, share, and grow.

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Cloud Society Board

Chris Carter
Society Co-Chair


John Fiscus
Society Co-Chair


Lauren Jones
Society Sponsorship Lead


James Kwon
Society Marketing Lead


Tim Michalak
Society Sponsorship Lead


Justin Mourning
Society Programs Committee Lead


Jessica Olandt
Society Marketing Lead

Gsquared Group

Josh Ramos
Society Media Lead


Selma Dogic


Brian Farrell


Andy Green
Executive Advisor


Tamara Huston


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CMMC Quick Bytes Series: Why Identifying Scope is Critical to Securing Certification

CMMC Quick Bytes Series: Identifying Scope, Common CMMC Terms & More — In this interview, Karl will dive into Identifying Scope and what that means for DoD subcontractors seeking certification. Learn common CMMC terms used in the certification process, what scoping is in relation to CMMC, how you identify where your sensitive data lives, ways to identify scope to an assessor and more. https://www.snaptechit.com/educational-assets/cmmc-quick-bytes-process-overview-best-practices-2/

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CMMC Quick Bytes Series: Education You Need for Certification!

CMMC Quick Bytes Series – Process Overview & Best Practices In this series, Karl Bickmore teams up with cybersecurity training expert, Dana Mantilia, to tackle the hard-hitting CMMC questions. Learn the overall process for CMMC, how to determine an appropriate budget, cybersecurity basics every DoD subcontractor should implement & the importance of working with a true CMMC-AB Registered Provider Organization. https://www.snaptechit.com/educational-assets/cmmc-quick-bytes-process-overview-best-practices/

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CMMC Readiness Gauge for DoD Subcontractors

If you’re struggling to get started with your CMMC journey, check out this free resource that tells you if you’re ready for CMMC Level 1 today. Find out the likelihood of receiving your certification, based on the current setup of your IT environment. Know where you stand! https://www.snaptechit.com/educational-assets/cmmc-gauge/

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