ATLANTA, April 1, 2024 – Arketi Group today released the findings of its survey research, How We Buy: Four Generations Reveal How They Make B2B Purchasing Decisions. The B2B digital marketing and PR firm also announced the launch of its interactive tool for users to explore the survey data at:

Arketi’s research unearthed how four generations of B2B technology buyers – Generation Z, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials – move through the typical buyer’s journey. It also identifies each generation’s B2B tech buying habits, preferences and trusted resources utilized at the top, middle and bottom of the sales funnel.

According to the survey:

• Respondents consistently selected buyer’s guides as one of their go-to resources, which put the tool among each generation’s top three resources at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Gen Xers stood apart as the one exception at the bottom of the funnel.

• Nearly one-third of the combined cohorts accessed blogs to inform their decision making process. Baby Boomers utilized blogs the least (17%) compared to Gen Zers (32%), Millennials (34%) and Gen Xers (39%).

• Social media platforms were the least utilized resource for B2B technology buyers. Notable exceptions include the use of TikTok (15%) and Instagram (15%) by Millennials and Gen Zers, who also utilize Reddit at the end of the buyer’s journey (17%).

• Case studies and customer testimonials ranked as the top resource utilized at the end of the buyer’s journey (31%), with colleagues (29%) and buyer’s guides (25%) close behind. Millennials also overwhelmingly tapped case studies in the middle stage (42%).

• At the top of the funnel, all generations pointed to vendor websites as a necessary resource (42%). This number decreased to 8% as buyers progressed through the purchasing process, however, and was ultimately overshadowed by resources such as colleagues within their organization (29%), Direct Mail (20%), and even family, friends or peers (19%)

Alongside the report, Arketi also built an interactive tool for users to visualize how each generation of B2B tech buyers’ preferences evolve as they move through the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. The tool also demonstrates how buyer trends have shifted since Arketi conducted a similar survey in 2016 – without the input of Gen Z.

“We conducted this research to demonstrate the wide variety of channels and resources that buyers use to identify technology solutions and, ultimately, make a purchase,” said Mike Neumeier, APR, CEO of Arketi Group. “Reaching and engaging these buyers is a multi-faceted challenge for sellers, but with our data and interactive tool, they can better recognize what strategies and tactics are most effective for their business.”

Arketi’s survey of 262 B2B technology buyers also identified each of the four generations’ role in the purchase of enterprise technology exceeding $10,000 in expenditure. According to the report:

• Millennials rule the B2B tech buying process, with more than 50% having final decision-making authority and another one-third influencing buying outcomes.

• Just 45% of Gen Xers self-reported as decision-makers in the buying process. A quarter of Gen Xers indicated they influence high-dollar B2B technology purchases.

• One-third of Gen Zers, the youngest cohort in the workplace, are B2B tech-buying decision-makers, while 29% have some say in the purchase process.

• As they continue to retire and exit the workforce, Baby Boomers’ role in buying B2B tech is waning. One in four consider themselves decision-makers, while nearly onethird influence B2B tech buying.

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