Improving Access to Behavioral Healthcare

A discussion around technology-enabled behavioral health.

COVID-19 has changed the way we look at behavioral health, given the anxiety and depression related to the virus itself, the extended lockdown, and the ensuing economic downturn. In this program, TAG Digital Health explores the current state of behavioral health, the challenges of supporting vulnerable populations and improving equitable access to care, and innovative approaches and platforms working to bridge this gap.

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TAG Digital Health focuses on Georgia’s rapidly expanding healthcare field.

More specifically, we focus on the rapid advances in healthcare technology that are having an enormous impact on the field. Emerging biotech firms, new drugs and treatments, regulatory pressures, funding for promising start-ups and the management of a sea of healthcare information are all covered by the Society’s programs. Members of TAG’s Digital Health Society vary from healthcare IT and management professionals, physicians, allied health professionals to hospital administrative personnel.

Through joining TAG’s Digital Health, members are provided numerous networking opportunities, current industry knowledge, and the opportunity to assist promoting access to healthcare in rural areas of Georgia.

The TAG Digital Health’s mission is to be a catalyst for furthering Georgia as a leader in healthcare technology through opportunities in education, networking and collaboration by working with society members, community leaders and industry stakeholders to create an environment that will facilitate the realization of this mission.

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Recent Digital Health News

WSO2 Introduces Choreo, a Next-Generation Integration Platform as a Service for Cloud Native Engineering Using the Choreo iPaaS, now in public beta, developers can engineer in low-code and code simultaneously; build, test and deploy in Kubernetes; manage APIs; share them in a marketplace; and observe performance—all within hours not weeks

Enterprises worldwide are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives, with many starting years earlier than originally planned. But, too often, these initiatives are hampered by the lack of deep technical expertise required to get projects off the ground and deliver digital products and solutions. WSO2 addresses this challenge with today’s introduction of Choreo, the new integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for cloud native engineering.

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Top Ways to Measure Managed Service Provider Transparency

By: Shawn Brown, COO, Snap Tech IT

The ability to make sound strategic business decisions is at the core of every business owner. For that to happen, business owners must secure the flexibility to thoughtfully plan and prioritize their next move. That’s tough to do when you when the expertise isn’t in your back pocket, coupled with the inability to see IT challenges on the horizon.

Partnering with a Managed Service Provider should offer a level of transparency that can be seen in the way strategic business decisions are made. While expertise is an integral component to consider when selecting an MSP, it’s not the only factor that should drive your decision. Dig deep to find the level of transparency with your MSP that will garner a trusting relationship while positioning your business for success.

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Swan Lake Beta Release of Ballerina Programming Language Lowers Barriers to Delivering Cloud-Native Applications

Santa Clara, CA – June 2, 2021 – Increasingly enterprises are turning to cloud-native applications that integrate APIs, events, data, microservices, serverless apps, and other digital assets throughout their organizations and across the ecosystems in which they participate. Ballerina is the open-source language for cloud-native programming and integration designed to support these organizations with a unique bidirectional mapping of sequence diagrams and code. The new Swan Lake Beta release, available today, radically simplifies how developers build and deploy cloud-native applications through an intuitive syntax for developing services and APIs, seamless JSON support, and built-in concurrency control.

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