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In today’s digital world, riddled with cyber threats, all companies, especially healthcare organizations, must prioritize cybersecurity. In this immersive tabletop exercise with executive leaders, we do just that! We will have a guided discussion focusing on four areas of a data breach.

1. Prevention

2. Impact

3. Remediation

4. Recovery

We will share practical insight and guidance on addressing issues and circumventing shortcomings in each area covered. You will walk away with tangible insights to help you and your organization prepare for a data breach when one emerges. Unfortunately, it is likely a “when” and not an “if” situation.


Meet our Speakers


Monique Hart
CISO, Piedmont Health
Chase Holcombe
Director, Wellstreet Clinics
Michelle Riley
SVP Public Relations, MERGE
Jason Stevens
SVP/Deputy General Counsel, Wellstar Health System
Kaustubh Kubde
Founder & Chief Advisor, Cyber Launchpad




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June 11

4:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Society: Digital Health Information Security Jamarius Cole Jessica Harris