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As an individual contributor or as a leader managing cross functional teams, everyone needs a little motivation to keep going. The key question is how do you keep yourself and your team motivated, especially during adversities. Many of us are working in an environment that is quite new and keeping yourself and your team motivated could be challenging. You may need to be little more creative To help individuals and leaders we have invited guest speaker Chad E Foster who is a well-known for delivering high impact speeches and motivating leaders and teams. During this event, he will share some insights on how to keep yourself and your team motivated during adversities. A speaker series virtual event with a moderator led Q&A session.


About Chad E Foster,

As a successful corporate executive, international motivational speaker, and the author of Blind Ambition™, Chad uses his gift of going blind to teach and inspire us to thrive with change, create a more resilient leadership culture, and invite diversity to drive business innovation.

A job creator, billion-dollar revenue generator, change management leader, innovator, and successful corporate exec. What’s not so obvious? He’s blind. Yet when Chad engages audiences, he makes it clear that he didn’t let his loss of eyesight as a young adult confine him. He tackled obstacles as opportunities, becoming the first blind graduate of Harvard Business School’s leadership program and later developing software to do what Oracle said couldn’t be done. Now Chad teaches that same overcomer mindset to corporations worldwide, delivering practical strategies to build resilience in challenging circumstances. Helping others to transform their difficulties into opportunities is an outcome that he honestly considers worth his loss of eyesight.

Are you ready to use adversity to your advantage? Hear Chad on how you can turn your obstacles into your opportunities. Register now!


September 10, 2020

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm


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