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Ethical Artificial Intelligence is a topic of concern for many businesses, organizations, and individuals. As we advance in our technological abilities, improve data science capabilities, and constantly strive for more accomplishments done faster, with greater impact, and less human physical power, we need to keep a pulse on the ethical concerns of our technological progress. These data science experts discuss the need for ethical AI, what it means to deliberately implement a standard of ethics for AI, how such programs might work, and what the future could hold for us.

Meet our data science experts:

Shiv Bhandari
Sr. Director Data Science, HD Supply
Shannon Harlow
Sr. Director Data Science, Cox Automotive
Katherine King
Director Data Science & People Analytics, Fidelity Investments
Ted Kwartler
VP Trusted AI, DataRobot
Eric Schmidt
Global Data & Analytics Executive, The Coca-Cola Company
Beverly Wright, PhD
Head of Data Science Solutions, Burtch Works

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December 13, 2022

4:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Society: Data Science & AI Jessica Harris