Dr. Beverly Wright, Host

Dr. Beverly Wright, Host

Dr. Beverly Wright, PhD, CAP, serves as Head of Data Science Solutions at Burtch Works, and Executive Director for Data Science Programs for University of Georgia, Executive Education.

Beverly is a sought-after professional speaker at established conferences, presenting on topics related to data science, consumer insights, and marketing analytics. She also operates a nonprofit that leverages data science talent, tools, and resources for community betterment, tackling tough issues like human trafficking, opioid and other addictions, mental health, and other causes.

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Latest Episodes:

Ensuring Scalable Data Science Solutions

In this episode of TAG Data Talk, Dr. Beverly Wright discusses with Dinakar Deshmukh:

  • What does it mean for a solution to be scalable?
  • How have we lacked in this area as an industry?
  • Why it’s important to make solutions that last.
  • The future of data science products and scalability

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Dinakar Deshmukh, VP Data Science & Analytics, GE Aviation

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Successfully Leveraging AutoML to Solve Complex Problems

In this episode of TAG Data Talk, Dr. Beverly Wright discusses with Chad Harness:

  • what AutoML is for business people,
  • how do these types of tools work,
  • what are the right ways to leverage AutoML, and
  • expectations for the future of AutoML tools.

Chad Harness, Global Director, Data Science Enablement, DataRobot

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Getting the edu Right: Choosing academic programs to stimulate a successful career in data

In this episode of TAG Data Talk, host Dr. Beverly Wright talks with Justin Grieshop:

  • the backgrounds and disciplines in data science and analytics,
  • how to show the importance of diversity of thought, and
  • advice for understanding the right education and how to extract value from those resources.


Justin Grieshop, Director – Analytics & Insights, CBTS

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