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February 4, 2016

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We will be releasing our updated report on Georgia's FinTech ecosystem at this year's symposium.

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The application process for our second annual
TAG FinTech Innovation Award is now closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted!
The finalists will present at this year's TAG FinTech GA 2016 Symposium!

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TAG FinTech is proud to present the results of a research study on how FinTech organizations are using data analytics to trim operational costs and grow revenue . The white papers below present the results of this research.

Big Data Exec Summary
Executive Summary and Roadmap: summarizes the high level research results and provides a roadmap to help executives build a data-centric organization.
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Big Data Market Research
Big Data 2020 Market Research Results:  provides detailed results of the FinTech data analytics/Big Data research to help management understand the challenges of becoming data-centric. 
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Did You Know that...

  • Georgia FinTech companies generate annual revenues of more than $72 billion, placing us third in the nation behind only New York and California?

  • Roughly 100 FinTech companies are headquartered or have significant presence in Georgia?
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  • Six of the ten largest US payment processing firms are Georgia-based?

  • Georgia FinTech organizations employ more than 30,000 professionals in the state and over 130,000 globally?

  • Georgia FinTech companies process over 118 billion transactions per year representing over $2 trillion of purchase volume each year, supporting nearly 4 million merchants?

Atlanta, along with the surrounding areas of Georgia, has evolved to become the epicenter of a growing segment of the financial services industry – a sector often known as Financial Technologies or FinTech. This sector encompasses the product and service companies that support the technology needs of the financial services industry and, ultimately, the payment-processing infrastructure of the economy.

TAG FinTech was formed in early 2010 to support the specific needs of companies, individuals and investors serving the financial industry both domestically and abroad.



TAG FinTech's mission is to build recognition of Georgia as the hub of choice for the world's leading financial technology providers (a counterpart to Silicon Valley for technology or Hartford for insurance) with the goal of accelerating the accumulation of capital by its members.

We will accomplish this by fostering a business environment conducive to the ongoing success of the community's companies, employees, service providers, educational institutions, entrepreneurs and investors, helping them create, build, and maintain innovative financial services that meet their customers' growing needs. 

To continue expanding the hub, TAG FinTech will empower a collaborative culture that attracts and retains innovation, jobs, partnerships, and capital, and where successful entrepreneurs can reinvest in the local ecosystem to help sustain the space.



The TAG FinTech Society is a group of professionals representing a broad range of financial technologies as well as a variety of roles within the industry, including executive management, solution specialists, sales and marketing, industry entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.  We also encourage participation of partners and other investors from the FinTech Community.   Benefits for each of the audiences are as follows:

Companies/Executive Management/Corporate Sponsors 

Financial technology companies with employees, contractors and/or partners in Georgia recognize the wealth of talent, innovation and extensive financial industry network in the state. The favorable business climate and lifestyle for employees are major reasons for doing business in the state. TAG FinTech is the only professional organization serving the needs of financial technology businesses in Georgia. As such, TAG FinTech provides a unique forum for executives, rising stars and supporting companies to discuss the evolving landscape and issues impacting financial institutions.


TAG FinTech Society is highly focused on serving the needs of individuals who work with technologies, information or other services supporting the financial industry. The organization provides individuals with valuable networking, career development and educational opportunities geared toward their profession and industry. 


As a leading technology state, Georgia has a vibrant financial technology or FinTech community. TAG FinTech is an organization, which provides investors with unequaled access to people and companies shaping the financial industry. The favorable business climate and workforce talent is why companies move or expand operations in Georgia and why others secure funding for innovative new ventures.

For more information about TAG FinTech, please contact the society liaison Derek Howard at

Upcoming Events



Join TAG for the High-Tech Day at the Capitol


TAG 2016 Legislative Roundtable

Join TAG for the High-Tech Day at the Capitol

Join TAG for a day at the Georgia State Capitol. We encourage you to join TAG in meeting with Georgia's state legislators to educate them about issues in the technology arena.


Wednesday, Feb 24, 2016 2:00 PM to
Wednesday, Feb 24, 2016 5:00 PM


Georgia State Capitol
206 Washington St SW
Room 230
Atlanta, GA 30334
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TAG 2016 Legislative Roundtable

TAG Legislative Round-table is an annual event focused on bringing legislators, researchers, and industry representatives together to discuss emerging science and technology policy issues in Georgia.


Wednesday, Dec 14, 2016 11:00 AM to
Wednesday, Dec 14, 2016 5:00 PM


Atlanta, GA 30319
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