End-to-end solution, including contactless order and pay capabilities , protects guests, staff

ATLANTA, March 30, 2021 – There’s a saying among employees of California-based JINYA Ramen Bar: “No ramen, no life.” And at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the JINYA team quickly realized: “No contactless service, no business.” So, the restaurant turned to NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), a leading provider of software and technology that runs restaurants, to enable the digital transformation of its 37 North American locations.

Specifically, JINYA wanted to improve the customer experience by adding digital ordering and contactless payment options, including the use of a QR code.

To date, half of JINYA’s locations have transitioned to NCR Aloha Essentials, a bundle of software, hardware and services that includes 24×7 support, secure contactless payments, handheld point-of-sale (POS) capabilities and an eCommerce platform. The remaining locations are in the process of transitioning.

“The investment in Aloha Essentials is saving us a substantial amount of money, and the franchisees are happy with the profits and customers it’s helping them gain,” said David Huang, senior manager of IT for JINYA Holdings. “It’s like getting a major facelift that provides our customers with an easy-to-use interface and a much better, safer experience.”

With NCR Aloha Essentials, JINYA has online ordering capabilities that can be used for both takeout and contactless order and pay in the restaurant using a QR code, which has been a big hit with customers. For those picking up their orders, the solution has helped reduce wait times significantly.

Since the pandemic began, digital ordering channels have skyrocketed throughout the restaurant industry. In 2020, NCR processed more than 354 million digital orders through its platform.

“Restaurants like JINYA Ramen Bar were smart, knowing they needed innovative technology to pivot to quicky meet diners’ and employees’ changing needs,” said Dirk Izzo, president and general manager, NCR Hospitality. “We’re glad that our end-to-end solutions enables them to run their operations – delivering the ultimate ramen noodles while creating a safe, memorable customer experience.”

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NCR is a full end-to-end provider from order creation to payment settlement that brings together software, services and hardware — trusted by more than 100,000 restaurants, including independent operators, domestic chains and international brands across the globe. NCR’s comprehensive offering includes the signature NCR Aloha POS platform and NCR Silver Pro, to provide everything restaurants need to run their business, boost efficiency and increase growth.

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