Join us to hear startup coach, Blanca Catalina Garcia, share with us her story on how she creates impact for BIPOC, LatinX, and AAPI communities by building transformational learning programs in multicultural ecosystems where diverse and emerging entrepreneurial leaders can grow and flourish.


About VentureLab

VentureLab was founded in 2001 to collaborate with faculty and students to create startups based on Tech research.

Since then, we’ve supported the launch of hundreds of startups which, combined, have raised over $1.5B in investments. A recent study ranked VentureLab #2 worldwide among university startup incubation and support programs.

The VentureLab team is comprised of engineers, entrepreneurs, and educators with decades of experience in a wide range of industries and startups. We’d be happy to meet you, learn more about your work and interests, and explore ways we can help. If you’ve got questions, and would like to learn more about commercializing research at Georgia Tech, please email any of us to get the conversation started