Atlanta, GA – Georgia has taken a bold step forward in shaping its tech workforce by launching the state’s first-ever Registered Tech Apprenticeship Program. Led by TAG Bridge Builders, this initiative is specifically designed to provide tech workforce opportunities for individuals with or without a college degree. Through strategic partnerships with top-tier companies, the Registered Tech Apprenticeship program equips these individuals with the skills necessary to excel in tech positions within the sector.

The program begins with full-time technical training for occupations such as cybersecurity, software developer, and cloud operations specialists to accepted applicants, which focuses on equipping apprentices with the essential skills needed for success. This foundational phase is followed by one year of on-the-job training, providing the apprentice with hands-on training in a professional setting. Upon completion of the program, apprentices will receive credentialing and will have the opportunity to be retained by the employer.

By investing in the development of untapped tech talent, Georgia is laying the foundation for sustained economic growth, lower unemployment, and a flourishing tech ecosystem,” said Larry K. Williams, President and CEO of the Technology Association of Georgia. “This forward-thinking initiative not only addresses the immediate needs of our workforce but will continue to position Georgia as a tech hub for years to come.”

To celebrate the launch of this groundbreaking initiative, the Technology Association of Georgia and TAG Bridge Builders are hosting a launch event and ribbon-cutting ceremony on March 20th. The evening will consist of a presentation and panel discussion from the following distinguished speakers, discussing the program in detail and the innovative steps being taken to shape the future of Georgia’s workforce:


  • Donnie Beamer Jr., Senior Technology Advisor, City of Atlanta
  • Jennifer Carlson, Executive Director, Apprenti
  • Loretta Daniels, Executive Director, TAG Bridge Builders
  • Larry K. Williams, President and CEO, Technology Association of Georgia


  • Becky DeMatteris, Manager of Program Development, Apprenti
  • Robbie Vickers, Executive Director, Enterprise Application Services, Technical College Systems of Georgia
  • Danny Mitchell, HDCI Program Manager, Technical College Systems of Georgia
  • Eric Robertson, Senior Vice President, Skillstorm
  • Daniel Weagle, Business Development Director, Apprenti

Companies interested in innovative ways to fill their talent pipeline and those interested in entering the tech workforce, but do not have a degree or prior experience, are encouraged to attend.

“By breaking traditional barriers, this program enables individuals with a non-traditional educational background to become skilled tech professionals,” said Dr. Loretta Daniels, Director of TAG Bridge Builders. “As the first program of its kind in the state, Georgia’s tech apprenticeship program is a tremendous step forward for diversity, creating a dynamic, inclusive workforce.”

For applicants or employers who wish to learn more information about the apprenticeship program, please visit


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