B2Bs understand that no matter how stellar their product or service is, it won’t be successful without potential customers knowing about it. To generate revenue, companies must build awareness and engage with audiences across multiple channels. Carabiner Communications (https://carabinercomms.com), an Atlanta full-spectrum marketing and public relations firm, enables businesses to successfully compete in today’s increasingly complex and crowded markets. It assists growing companies by creating and executing strategies designed to reach and ignite target audiences and drive sales. The firm is celebrating its 15th year in operation this month.

“Unless you’re Kevin Costner’s character in ‘Field of Dreams,’ ‘Build It and They Will Come’ isn’t a viable business strategy,” said Carabiner Communications Founder and Principal Peter Baron. “We’ve spent the last 15 years helping entrepreneurial and high-growth companies get the word out about themselves, connect with prospects, establish thought leadership, and hit their revenue goals.”

According to Small Business Trends, a bit more than half of all startups survive to their fourth year, while the startup failure rate at four years is about 44 percent. “That’s good enough reason to rely on experts to help ensure that your business stay on track,” said Baron.

He added that the agency’s 15-year milestone caused him to look back to see just how much has changed, both in terms of technology and the way products and services are marketed. He noted that while some industry leaders have stumbled or even disappeared over time, others have flourished due to their continual innovation, such as Apple and Google. Another notable is Amazon, which has grown from being an online bookseller to a behemoth that has literally transformed the way people buy things.

One of the top marketing and PR firms in metro Atlanta, Carabiner offers clients numerous advantages, including the firm’s ability to completely customize campaigns to their needs and budgets. Account teams are comprised of exactly the right specialists—from writers and digital strategists to media outreach specialists, graphic designers, and lead-generation specialists—ensuring the most effective use of client dollars. While the firm specializes in technology and life sciences companies, it also offers services in other B2B sectors.

Carabiner is a hub for some of the most experienced marketers, strategists, and creative professionals in the Atlanta area and elsewhere, as it focuses on providing high-quality services while also offering a positive work/life balance that isn’t available in many other business environments.

In light of the firm’s anniversary, Baron recently wrote a blog post (https://carabinercomms.com/business-strategy-insight/future-watch-5-trends-that-will-impact-how-we-do-business/) that predicts some of the trends that will impact how we market and sell over the next fifteen years.

About Carabiner Communications

Founded in 2004, Carabiner Communications has evolved to become one of the top marketing and PR firms in Atlanta. As our name implies, we help B2Bs get connected to their targeted audiences and the influencers who have their ear. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals whose services include messaging and branding, content development and marketing, public relations, lead generation, and more. We’re strategic, cost-effective, and ready to partner with you to drive sales. Learn more about us on our website at https://carabinercomms.com, follow us on Twitter, or connect with us on LinkedIn.