May 9, 2019


Building a Marketing Stack for Today,
Tomorrow and Beyond

TAG Marketing is proud to announce our fourth annual Geek Out event — This year will focus on building a marketing stack for today, tomorrow and beyond. With topics ranging from MarTech to Data to ABM and from Customer Experience to hiring for your technology roles we are excited to showcase our speakers in the coming days.

Join us for an engaging afternoon of presentations of 18-minute TED-like talks on how technology stacks are evolving in 2019, how they will look over the next several years and perhaps what the future may hold.


1:00PM-1:45PM Registration

1:45PM-6:10 PM Presentations

6:10PM-8:00PM Cocktail Reception at Comcast Business 9th Floor


  • Jeff Perkins with Park Mobile: Building A Team of Tech Savvy Marketers
  • Mike Neumeier with Arketi: Eat The Data Elephant One Bite at a Time
  • Mark Kopcha with Revegy: Where ABM & Strategic Account Management Converge
  • Angela Culver with Mobile Labs: Thinking Outside the Box for Big Mileage from Existing Tech
  • Jean Marie Richardson with iFolio: Transforming Sales & Marketing with a Modern Tech Stack
  • Scott Williford with vLink Solutions: Must-Have Strategies to Fuel Engagement
  • Joe Koufman with AgencySparks: Seeking Your Tech Stack Nirvana
  • Omar Al-Sinjari with McKesson: Aligning Business Units to Achieve Goals
  • Blake Adams with Florence: Harnessing Technology for Sales/Marketing Alignment
  • Jessica Garrett with Kore Wireless: A Rational ABM Framework for Lift
  • Nicholas Ziech-Lopez with MessageGears: Building the Technology of Today Without Sacrificing Tomorrow
  • Jeff Pedowitz with the Pedowitz Group: Operationalizing the Customer Experience
  • John Reints with MarketSource: No Budget, No problem: Hacking Your Way to Success
  • Lauren Patrick with Motivo: Scaling with “Smarketing”
  • Jean-Luc Vanhulst with Write2Market: Google for Good: Marketing Wins Showcased at the Board Level
  • Margaret Wise with Arke: Rethinking Personalization After GDPR
  • Nikki Nixon with eHire: Marketing Party of One: Driving Revenue with No Budget and No Tools
  • Nils E. Pederson, CEO, Stibo Systems
  • Caroline Dunn, VP of Marketing, Alexa Dev Group, LLC
  • Jennifer Farrell, Marketing Director, CONARC

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