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Attn: Hack-Back Teams!

Reasons to Hack Back:
Give (hack) back by helping United Way!
Gain visibility in front of Georgia's mobility leadership!

Create solutions using Amazon technology Alexa!

...Oh, and there is $10,000 CASH up for grabs!


 GSMA Mobility Live! - North America in partnership with Metro Chamber of Commerce and Technology Association of Georgia, will host a month long challenge kicking off October 4th through November 2nd. The event will benefit United Way of Georgia, a locally-based national non-profit. We're calling all hackers to participate. 

Competing teams worked on projects for United Way!



  • Check out the competition rules here. We've tried to answer every questions. We will also be adding FAQs to this page as needed.
  • Get your team together!
  • Plan on attending the October 4th Kickoff Event where you will hear about the hackathon projects and may pick up a new team member or two!
  • Over the next 4 weeks, work with your team on your selected challenge. Participate in check-in calls and code, code, code!
  • Now you are a finalist… grab your free tickets because you are presenting ON STAGE at the GSMA Mobility Live! - North America 
  • Lastly: Wow the Judges and take home your cash and glory!


Important Dates (write these down!)

  • October 4- Hackathon Kickoff event with our non-profit panel. 
  • October 5 - Alexa Skills Kit Virtual Skill Building Bootcamp. Register for 2PM Central class Here. 4PM Central class Here.
  • October 7- Team applications due. Apply 
  • October 21 - Project Submission Due
  • October 26 - Finalists Announced
  • November 2 - Winners announced live on stage at GSMA Mobility Live! - North America.

Open Q&A Conference Calls for United Way

Monday, October 10, 17 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Dial -in Number: 678-275-8609

Conference Code: 6879843347



TAG members can use promo code: TAGPARTNER to receive discount registration!

PROJECT 1: Data Visualization




  • Develop an app focused on an intuitive, searchable map of Greater Atlanta creating a dynamic visual of the community needs in Greater Atlanta with UWGA's community work. Our goal is to tell stories based on our data. We believe data visualization is a powerful means to discover and understand these stories, assess gaps, and then to present them to others. We have developed dynamic heat maps of our community's need, visualized in our new Child Wellbeing Index. (Screenshot below). Project scope would explore how to layer additional information on the work we are doing in each area. Potential layers to filter on and off: by UWGA funded partner, strategy area, volunteer projects, funding stream, leveraged partners in moving the Child Wellbeing index. Desired characteristics: ability to "hover" over an area of map and get additional elements, searchable by zip code, ability to zoom in and out, ability to "play" the map with "what if" scenarios of progress our Community Goals/predictive power.

Contact: Ginneh Baugh & Orinzal Williams 


PROJECT 2: Tocqueville Collective Impact Personalized Portal


  • UWGA seeks an app to deepen the engagement of donors in the Alexis de Tocqueville Society (those giving $10,000 + annually), allowing members to track their individual philanthropy as well as engage in the collective community with other Tocqueville members. UWGA has the largest Tocqueville Society membership in the nation with more than 1,000 members contributing more than $13M annually to our community.

  • Designed to keep senstitve information secure. Personalized login experience unique to the member capable of creating their own profile adding photos, engagements, memories with UWGA. Display tracking their event attendance, donation history, engagement through API to Microsoft CRM. Capability to engage with other members of Tocqueville via the application through aggregators of their collective giving and impact. Shared visuals, stories, event and volunteer opportunity announcements. Voting/Surveying feature make it easy for members to provide feedback. Opportunity to invite others in their network to engage in Tocqueville through the application.


Contact: Natalia Evans & Orinzal Williams 


Project 3: Board of Directors Portal


  • A board portal designed explicitly for the purpose of facilitating communication between our board members and our leadership teams. The board portal supports information exchange and captures the process both during meetings and between meetings.
  • Secure portal based on board member unique login to keep sensitive information secure.
  • Access to board information via app (tablet/phone) and website.
  • Online replacement for current paper process.
  • Voting/Surveying feature make it easy for members to vote on an issue or provide feedback.
  • Ideal state would include content management system allowing staff owner to upload content directly.


 Contact: Natalia Evans & Orinzal Williams


By Applying online at this link, you agree to the terms and conditions for yourself and your team.

Please Register for the Alexa Skills Kit Virtual Building Bootcamp Mobility Live Oct 5, 2016 2PM Central Here or 4PM Central Here.


Amazon is excited to introduce a new way to help you quickly build useful and meaningful skills using Alexa. Join this webinar and you will leave having new skills for Alexa. We will use Lambda and the Alexa Skills Kit.This session is a great foundation if you plan on using voice during the course of the hackathon. Only offered to participants. 




For more information, please contact Kelly Marble at or 404-526-6032.


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