At Softensity we are passionate about technology not only because that’s how we generate revenue, but also because it promotes and builds human engagement. Technology shrinks the world and broadens our personal experiences.

Take, for example, the experiences of our team members who with technology as the driving force reminded us what a small world we all live in, and how we are essentially all the same.

Out of a significant team who travelled in normal times, two Softensity team members, Vlad and Elena, from Belarus, shared with us their most recent client travel experiences to Atlanta and Phoenix. As software developers who are key members of their U.S.-based companies’ project teams, they had the opportunity to visit America and meet with their colleagues in person.

Specifically, they indicated that their travel experiences enriched them by giving them insight into how to work and collaborate with their U.S. counterparts more effectively. By being able to participate in team-building activities, hiking in the North Georgia mountains and experiencing Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, how could they not benefit from these activities and learn how to communicate and engage with their team members better? What we also learned is the deeper we prodded Vlad and Elena, the more in common we had.

With team members located in Belarus, Ukraine, Turkey and Latin America it’s more appropriate to say that engineers are simply based in different time zones because while they bring different perspectives representing their unique cultures, as human beings they are far more similar than different and that becomes clear after spending time together.

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