By Larry K. Williams, TAG president and CEO

Sports are the ultimate unifier, transcending generational barriers, political affiliations, and geographic borders. In a world that’s often divided, sports serve as a unique connector that brings people from diverse communities together.

Yet, many fail to realize what brings the shared experience of sports to life – technology. In only the last few years, technology has entirely transformed the world of sports, from the way athletes train to how fans engage with sports content.

As Adam Silver, Commissioner of the NBA, put it – “technology is changing the world; it’s changing our sport.” Right here in Georgia, our innovative sports tech hub of startups, athletes, and brands is working together every day to support the sports industry as a whole.

Our sport franchises in Georgia are no strangers to leveraging technology. In April, the Atlanta Braves entered the NFT space with their World Series Champions NFT Collection. With 2,000 TV screens, a state-of-the-art audio system, 1,800 wireless access points, 4,000 miles of fiber, an optimized cell service, and a mobile app, the Mercedes Benz Stadium is a technology gem from start to finish. And, so much more!

Several educational institutions are also helping establish Georgia as a global leader in sports research, innovation, and technology. As such, Georgia Tech’s SPRINT program draws on expertise across the university’s researchers and athletics department – combined with that of Atlanta professional sports teams and industry partners – to enhance athletic performance, fan engagement and sports operations across the industry. Morris Brown College is also home to the Ronald Floyd Thomas Center for eSports and Innovation.

TAG is committed to advancing Georgia’s sports technology ecosystem through events, advocacy, thought leadership, and more. Come support our mission while perfecting your swing by participating in our 18th annual TAGit Golf Tournament on Monday, September 12th.