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Meet our 2016
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2016 Finalists:



Organizations of all sizes find themselves in need of multiple separate enterprise software solutions to support their operations. The separation of these solutions results in redundancy of data, limited flexibility and portability of systems, and duplication of processes. The Baasware platform is a different, more holistic, approach to fulfilling your organization's enterprise software needs. Baasware supports your organization and simplifies your IT processes, so that your enterprise solutions won't just work, but will work for you.



DecisionIQ brings a novel approach to industrial IoT analytics to deliver software applications that reduce the cost of operations and lower spare parts inventories through automated reporting and guided decision making. Equipment maintenance is a reactive, reliability based process that is costly and creates requirement for high levels of spare parts to be staged at regional depots just to minimize time to repair an unexpected failure.  DecisionIQ will leverage proprietary technology in order to eliminate the need for extensive field inventories via JIT supply chain spare parts.



Fittery is holistically solving the biggest unsolved problem in the clothing industry: fit.  Through our consumer marketplace, shoppers quickly fill out a size and shape profile and are instantly matched to clothing that fits perfectly. A great set of brands are already on board, like J.Crew, Brooks Brothers, Express, Ralph Lauren, and more. The insights and tools generated from the marketplace then feed B2B insights and tools for retailers and designers.



FIXD has three components: the sensor, the app, and the dashboard. The FIXD sensor relays car problems from the vehicle’s diagnostic port to the FIXD app via Bluetooth. The problems are then translated into simple, understandable terms. The driver is given the severity of the issue, the consequences of continued driving, and a simple de­nition of what is wrong. All of this information is also relayed to the dashboard where service advisors can see the health and status of each customer. This model can be applied past dealership service centers to any auto repair shop or auto parts retailer.



FraudScope aims to put more of our healthcare dollars towards patient care by reducing billing claims fraud. Such fraud costs the nation an estimated $272 billion annually, of which up to 95% is missed by current detection techniques. FraudScope uses novel data analytics techniques to prioritize suspicious medical insurance claims for investigation to save money lost to fraud, waste and abuse. Its patent-pending technology for detecting high-risk claims was developed by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Unlike existing analytics tools, FraudScope's advanced technology can detect existing and evolving fraud schemes without requiring any input of known and predicted patterns of fraud.


Freeing Returns

Freeing Returns is the only retailer-integrated, mobile-based app that streamlines retail returns, eliminates receipts and improves the overall customer experience. By securely integrating with a retailer’s current POS system, the app empowers the customer to manage the entire return process from his or her mobile device, desktop or wearable technology. Currently, Retailers strive to make their Return policies less rigid allowing customers to return items purchased 30 or more days ago.  They also have changed their infrastructure to allow in-store returns of online purchases. We provide customizations for Retailers and integration of their POS systems with 3rd Party APIs. 


Green Badger

Green Badger is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company providing easy to use, collaborative, cloud-based solutions to streamline and automate the $150 billion green building construction market. Green Badger’s LEED Documentation software (featuring web, iOS and Android functionality) is the leading construction automation tool for managing LEED construction documentation. Green Badger’s cloud-based, collaborative web and mobile tools allow project teams to work together seamlessly while providing a transparent process that lets everyone involved know exactly how the project is performing. Green Badger cuts the time spent on LEED by 60%, while significantly reducing risk of missing costly project requirements. Green Badger streamlines and automates the LEED documentation process.


Intelligent Pathway

Undifferentiated educational approaches featuring static content limit the ability of students to learn. Current solutions labeled as adaptive education offer limited levels of adaptive assessment and simple branching protocols. Today, most educational programs simply “teach to the middle” rather that adapt to the needs of the learner. Intelligent Pathway provides online personalized learning for pre-K-12 students, turning average students into accelerated learners. Intelligent Pathway is developing a truly personalized educational approach through a partnership with IBM to utilize cognitive analytics that will differentiate it from existing solutions.


RaceIQ Engineering

RaceIQ Engineering develops cyber-security (CSec) software for the automotive market. RaceIQ works directly with automakers so they can detect and mitigate vehicle data hacks, malware and virus uploads. RaceIQ software secures the BUS (internal communication network), the vehicle, and all incoming/outgoing data. Automakers are seeking a C-Sec solution to protect their product lines from hackers, malware and viruses. Unprotected connected vehicles offer a direct channel for hackers with malicious intent that can lead to recalls, death and expensive litigation. RaceIQ C-Sec software is a SaaS based platform accessed through the vehicles embedded RaceIQ Dual-Crypto module [in final development] that requires zero end-user interaction and continuously monitors for vulnerabilities, risk and threats to the vehicle BUS units with seamless over the air updates.



One of the biggest problems in the access control industry are viable visitor management solutions. Multifamily communities use outdated callbox systems that don’t provide any security, accountability or convenience for residents and managers. Furthermore, the management of callbox systems wastes time due to their highly inefficient software systems. Sequr provides data about every visitor that comes onto the property including name and phone number. On top of that Sequr saves the residents and guests the hassle of having to scroll through callboxes and press 9 when they receive a call by distributing unique PIN codes to every visitor through the Sequr platform.



We build calorie-counting, nutrition tracking utensils. Using Spün, you can keep track of how many calories you eat over the course of a day. Simply take a picture of your plate with the Spün app so we know what you are eating, and then eat with a Spün utensil. A built in weight sensor, combined with gesture recognition technology we built, will detect a weight of food in every bite and convert to calorie and macronutrient information. Over time, Spün will give you recommendations to help you reach your health and fitness goals.We’ve solved a very difficult problem that includes aspects such as food identification, consumption of multiple food items at once, accounting for variances in food consumption across users, and more.



 TrendBrew is a social commerce platform connecting Shoppers with Social Influencers (Bloggers, Vloggers, Stylists, etc.) and Sellers (Retailers, Brands and Boutiques) in the context of trending products, best offers and driving sales for the Sellers. TrendBrew focus is to solve two specific problems- Recover Shopping Cart Abandonment for Retailers and Provide Digital Relevancy to Card Linked Offer Providers. The genesis of TrendBrew is to create a social influence platform. Social influence drives digital behavior of consumers, which will impact economics across different industry verticals moving forward.



 VeriSolutions offers mobile applications that interact with a network of iBeacons to monitor and ensure compliance with restaurant and food safety protocols. Improved Safety monitoring in restaurants has the ability to prevent inventory loss, optimize workflow, and improve customer safety. Temperature logging is a mandatory process in the kitchen. Right now, most monitoring is done through manual process such as temperature logging on paper or signage in restrooms requiring employees to wash their hands. VeriSolutions uses iBeacons and smart phones to passively and persistently monitor devices and employees. This data is aggregated in the cloud and made actionable through a sophisticated reporting engine and robust analytics tools.



Vestigo is an AirBnB-like platform for guided outdoor adventures, empowering local outdoor experts to earn money through sharing their love for the outdoors as personal guides. Most people resort to Google or simply word of mouth when seeking opportunities for outdoor recreation. What they typically find is disappointing: outdoor outfitters with ancient websites, or trail review sites providing stats and advice, but little else. In addition, over 80% of adventure seekers use the Internet to search for outdoor opportunities, but only 30% of guide operations offer online bookings. We seek to disrupt this antiquated 87 billion-dollar industry by creating a centralized marketplace for unique locally-guided adventures, planned and hosted by a knowledgeable outdoor enthusiast in a local setting.


Vitamin C

Currently, the only way to recruit patients is through direct mailing or call centers, both of which are ineffective. However, practices and health plans are having to use these methods because even a small return (10%) engagement of a population can have huge financial rewards. Vitamin C’s automated recruitment service allows providers to treat their patients as customers, informing patients and guiding them to services beneficial to their health. Most importantly it’s proven to work. With our current clients we have recruited 18%-25% of patients through purely automated means.





Biz Launch Finale
May 3, 2016 

4:00pm - 8:00pm
Historic Academy of Medicine at Georgia Tech

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This is the final event for the Biz Launch Competition 2016, brought you in partnership by the Technology Association of Georgia, Venture Atlanta, and Metro Atlanta Chamber. Our 15 finalists will pitch, and the final winner will be announced, which will receive the coveted spot to pitch at Venture Atlanta. Come support your favorite finalist!


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