As vaccines become available and we start to overcome the pandemic, the time is right to focus on the future of work. I want to thank Theia Smith and David Cummings for joining me in a fascinating conversation  on this important topic at the recent Georgia Technology Summit.

David mentioned COVID-19 has resulted in a troubling lack of internships. Similarly, Theia said returning to in-person work could lead to fewer opportunities. She’s concerned people in underrepresented and under-sourced areas don’t have the means to travel to work.

After recognizing this, we talked about diversity and inclusion. We all agreed there is a pressing need to help those in underrepresented talent pools connect with job opportunities. Theia mentioned a PwC survey which found that 44% of human resource leaders are focused on inclusive leadership.

We have to do better. The possibilities of the innovation economy are endless. But we will never be able to realize our true potential if we don’t include everyone, including those who have limited access to technology.

Moving forward, it is crucial that business leaders, especially startups, bring awareness to any job opportunities or programs available to help under-sourced and underrepresented talent. As we transition into a future of expanded opportunities for all, I believe the most important point to emphasize is that inclusion drives innovation. While we’re at it, let’s also challenge each other to make sure innovation drives inclusion.

In light of our mission to fuel the innovation economy, I’m proud our non-profit arm TAG-Ed runs a highly effective internship program. We connect talented high school students with real world experience and fantastic leaders and mentors. TAG-Ed received an impressive number of applicants this year, providing an outstanding pool of candidates for host organizations. Interns are being placed at top companies right now.

Don’t miss your opportunity to recruit top talent. Our interns are the best and brightest in Georgia, and they’re eager for a chance to learn and contribute to your team’s success.

Have a great weekend,

Larry K. Williams
President & CEO, Technology Association of Georgia (TAG)