By Larry K. Williams, TAG President and CEO

The possibilities of Georgia’s innovation economy are endless. But, we will never be able to realize our true potential without fostering a technology ecosystem that works in the service of all people. 

On Thursday, December 1st, we will be hosting Converge at the Atlanta Buckhead Marriott hotel. The highly anticipated annual summit is an event you won’t want to miss. From inclusivity in the workplace to purpose-driven leadership and talent promotion and development, we look forward to having important conversations about current issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion. 

This year’s theme is anchored around ‘Transform, Advance, Grow’. Just a few of the questions we will invite you to think about at the conference include: 

  • Does your workplace embrace cooperation, collaboration and accountability? 
  • How can you determine if your workplace is one where your employees have a sense of belonging? 
  • How are you finding the talent you need for a sustainable diverse workforce? 

In addition, we will be welcoming more than 40 speakers to the stage, including our keynote speaker: Stephanie Stuckey. The CEO of Stuckey’s has been a champion of diversity and resiliency throughout her career and will bring her energy and insights to our audience. 

The Converge conference will also feature the 2022 DE&I Awards to celebrate the leaders and organizations implementing meaningful programs and initiatives focused on inclusivity. So, I invite you to join us next month to gain a better understanding of the technology industry trends we see today to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce for tomorrow.