By Larry K. Williams, TAG President and CEO

As the world becomes ever-more reliant on the internet, it’s becoming increasingly evident that comprehensive broadband infrastructure is a fundamental component of maintaining a sustainable and thriving community for all. As such, providing broadband internet access to rural communities throughout Georgia has become a priority for TAG and many others.

For more than a decade now, we have worked with leaders in local governments, telecommunication companies such as Comcast and Cox, and other key stakeholders to advance this important initiative, both in terms of policies and infrastructure requirements.

I couldn’t be more pleased with Governor Kemp’s recent announcement of more than $234 million in grant funds to expand high-speed internet access throughout the state. The purpose of the funds is to improve connectivity for communities, households, businesses and anchor institutions in 28 Georgia counties.

This is a crucial step in bridging the digital divide and providing much-needed resources to these rural areas. With access to high-speed broadband, these communities will be better equipped to take advantage of the many opportunities – from economic, academic, and personal well-being – that the digital age has to offer.

The grant funds announced by Governor Kemp will help to further these efforts, inspiring us at TAG to continue our work to advocate for internet access to the places in which it is most needed. To get involved in our mission, please visit TAG’s website.

Learn more about the Governor’s announcement and the specifics of these grants here.