By Larry K. Williams, TAG president and CEO

In the last couple of months, local business headlines have highlighted our region’s ever expanding cybersecurity startup ecosystem with companies like Apptega and DefenseStorm completing successful capital raises.

What many don’t know is that Georgia has had a strong presence in the cybersecurity industry before there were established techniques for protecting ourselves from online attacks. And, today, Georgia remains a premier cybersecurity hub. In fact, there are currently over 150 companies that specialize in cybersecurity services in Metro Atlanta alone.

In large part, the booming success of Georgia’s cybersecurity industry is due to its robust education pipeline. A national leader in the development of cyber research and talent, Georgia is home to twelve NSA National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity.

Because of Georgia’s rich history in cybersecurity, TAG recognized the need for a national conversation about the cybersecurity policies that affect the companies and residents in the state, as well as the entire nation. As such, TAG helped launched the National Technology Security Coalition (NTSC) to drive the dialogue around the topic of technology security. Given the increased threat of security breaches to our nation’s critical infrastructure, the NTSC was established to be the voice of the cybersecurity industry across the nation.

As NTSC’s President, I look forward to hosting the first International CISO Policy Roundtable in London, England in October with Patrick Gaul, our Executive Director. To learn more about our thriving cybersecurity industry and how to protect your organization from threats, visit the NTSC website and connect with our Information Security Society.