By Larry K. Williams, TAG president and CEO

Yesterday, June 23rd, marked International Women in Engineering Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the work and achievements of the women who shape our world. The engineering field is critical to making our planet a better, safer, more innovative, and exciting place to live. The women in this industry consistently break stereotypes, pursue their dreams, make groundbreaking discoveries, and inspire the next generation of women in STEM.

TAG is proud to support the women engineers in our state and beyond, every day of the year. We continuously strive to uplift the women in technology throughout Georgia and highlight the amazing career opportunities available to our pool of talent.

Nationwide, women are underrepresented in tech. This year, women are expected to hold 25% of technical roles at large tech companies, despite representing 32.9% of the overall workforce. The numbers are more optimistic for Georgia, as women account for 29% of our tech workforce, but there is still need for improvement.

TAG’s ultimate goal is to have an equal representation of people from all walks of life working in STEM roles. To be successful in representing a variety of perspectives and experiences, we must include people of different genders, cultures, races and backgrounds in every field. By having a diverse group of people working in the technology industry, we help ensure that the innovative solutions that come out of this field will benefit everyone.

To accomplish this mission, TAG’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Society is dedicated to assisting professionals within technology and tech-driven companies with the development and management of their diversity initiatives, and to increasing awareness about the benefits of leveraging diversity.

In addition, TAG offers several opportunities for people of all backgrounds to develop their careers in tech, such as the Pathways to Leadership program and our Bridge Builders initiative.