The National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions, a non-profit dedicated to driving innovation, health and value across the country, and Sharecare, the digital health company that helps people manage all their health in one place, announced a partnership designed to help employers develop data-driven strategies to positively impact the well-being of their employees and families and the broader communities in which they live, work and play.

“The need has never been greater for all stakeholders to work together to address the root cause issues impacting health and well-being at the community level,” said National Alliance president and CEO Michael Thompson. “Employers can do more to improve community health by focusing on strategic social risk factors that impact their workforce and their families to improve the well-being of their people as well as their organizations.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, disparities in social determinants of health have been exacerbated by widespread disruptions to the health and economic conditions across U.S. communities. Health equity issues and disparities magnified by COVID-19 have become a frequent area of discussion in the public discourse. As part of this new collaboration, National Alliance and their coalition and employer members will receive data, insights and expertise from Sharecare’s Community Well-Being Index, which – in partnership with the Boston University School of Public Health – merges decades of clinical research, healthcare leadership and behavioral economics expertise to track and understand the key factors that drive greater well-being for individuals and populations.

As part of its community health and well-being initiative, the National Alliance will engage its member coalitions around the country to work with employers to understand and act on the Community Well-Being Index data and determine the best well-being strategies to improve workforce health and resiliency, gain access to community resources, and invest in solutions that benefit all.

“While the effects that socioeconomic factors have on public health are well documented, most tools and strategies for employers to support their own populations’ well-being lack the proper community context, greatly impeding their ability to make a meaningful impact for their people beyond the four walls of the traditional workplace,” said Jeff Arnold, founder, chairman and CEO of Sharecare. “By partnering with the National Alliance, Sharecare is making our blueprint for individual and community transformation available to the coalitions and employers in our country who are ideally positioned to drive positive change at the local level.

To kick off this partnership, National Alliance and Sharecare are hosting a live webinar on Thursday, May 21 at 1:00 p.m. EDT, entitled “Helping employers to support employees where they live, work and play during the COVID-19 era.” Moderated by Thompson, the interactive discussion features Arnold alongside Elizabeth Colyer, head of the Community Well-Being Index, and coalition leaders Cristie Travis, CEO of the Memphis Business Group on Health, and Jessica Brooks, CEO of the Pittsburgh Business Group on Health. During this live webinar, the panel will cover:

  • Broader perspective of long-term health effects and economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • Strategies for employers to practically address the social determinants of health needs of their communities, especially those that impact their workforce; and
  • Results and analysis of Sharecare’s recent Flatten the Curve survey of 115,000 Americans to better understand community well-being and behavior change during COVID-19.

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