Training Exercises: The war in Ukraine has become a live testing ground for the next generation of cyber weapons as an unprecedented layer to conventional warfare.

New threats are here, and every DoD contractor knows they are a prime target. The cyber front of the war can ─ and has ─ crossed borders as the international community comes together to bring this war to a peaceful end. What is alarming about the cyber-attacks in Ukraine is that we’re seeing destructive new tactics on a large scale that are vastly different from those hitting the DIB over the last two years. Going beyond Denial-of-Service, ransomware and phishing, these new threat vectors present a number of challenges to the DIB, including how to detect and prevent them.

Join Snap Tech IT cybersecurity experts, Karl Bickmore, CEO and Shawn Brown, COO in a 30-minute conversation as we enter a new phase in cyber warfare & how DoD contractors can protect their businesses & the supply chain infrastructure from never-before-seen cyber threats.

You’ll learn:

  • Why Ukraine is being used as a testing ground for the latest cyber-attacks
  • How vulnerabilities in the DIB have been exploited over the last two years to escalate the threat against supply chain infrastructure
  • The latest types of cyber-attacks entering the landscape
  • How you can protect your business from these attacks & avoid disruption


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