WASHINGTON, D.C. – On May 1st, the STEMM Opportunity Alliance (SOA) announced STEMM Equity
and Excellence 2050: A National Strategy for Progress and Prosperity at the 2024 White House Summit
on STEMM Equity and Excellence, co-hosted by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy
(OSTP). The overarching goal of the national strategy is to help 20 million people from historically
excluded and marginalized communities enter, contribute to, and thrive in Science, Technology,
Engineering, Mathematics and Medical (STEMM) fields.

SOA is a nationwide initiative committed to tapping America’s culturally rich, innovative and diverse
talent pool to expand the STEMM workforce. Along with unveiling the national strategy, SOA announced
that its partners, which have more than doubled in size since the December 2022 launch (200+), have
collectively committed more than $2 billion to realize the vision of the national strategy.

“America’s diversity of thought, derived from our diversity of geography, background and identity, is one
of our nation’s strongest assets,” said Sudip Parikh, CEO of the American Association for the
Advancement of Science (AAAS) and executive publisher of the Science family of journals. “Growing
the STEMM workforce to its greatest potential enables us to create a world where every child,
regardless of their background, sees participation in STEMM as their birthright.”

Each SOA partner has aligned new or existing commitments and projects under the metrics laid out in
the national strategy, all committing to multi-lateral, cross-sector collaboration to achieve systems-level
change (view all partner commitments). Additionally, SOA announced 10 organizations to serve as
anchor partners, each of whom will facilitate working groups within the strategy’s foundations, five
pillars, and capstone. The anchor partners will build strong networks, drive toward ambitious,
measurable goals, and realign SOA partners’ support, systems and accountability measures.

A strategic overview of the foundations, pillars, and capstone includes:
• Foundations: R.O.S.A (Raising Overachieving STEM Academics) commits to actively
contributing to the Foundations: Accountability & Partnership pillar within the STEMM
Opportunity Alliance (SOA). R.O.S.A will create and amplify opportunities for collaborative
equity initiatives, fostering partnerships among organizations across diverse sectors and regions.
Their commitment includes the establishment of joint programs that address shared challenges,
emphasizing inclusivity and representation in STEM. Additionally, they will implement initiatives
to facilitate knowledge sharing within and among communities of practice across all STEMM
sectors, promoting cross-sector learning and collaboration. Success will be measured through
the number of collaborative initiatives launched, participation rates, and the tangible impact on
underrepresented communities. A dedicated portion of R.O.S.A’s budget will be allocated to
fund these efforts, with transparent reporting on financial allocations. Their goal is to achieve
significant milestones within the next year, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that advances
equity, diversity, and inclusion in STEMM.
• Pillar 1: Engagement, through Leap Forward, R.O.S.A commits to amplifying access to highquality STEMM learning by integrating experiential opportunities that bridge theoretical
knowledge with real-world applications. Partnerships with schools and online learning platforms
will be forged to ensure equitable access, fostering students’ comfort and enthusiasm for
STEMM education and careers. The program actively introduces students and parents to a
diverse range of STEMM careers, spanning educational levels from certificates to doctoral
education. Anticipated outcomes include increased program participation, heightened interest
in STEMM subjects, and sustained engagement measured through enrollment metrics and
participant feedback. Dedicated funding within Leap Forward will be allocated to initiatives
supporting the Engagement pillar, and R.O.S.A’s goal is to achieve these outcomes within the
next year, fostering a generation of curious and inspired learners prepared for diverse STEMM
• Pillar 3: Discovery, Leap Forward, R.O.S.A’s workforce development program, is strategically
designed to increase opportunities and provide targeted support for non-traditional students
and adult learners seeking diverse STEMM pathways. Leap Forward is committed to establishing
proactive and inclusive educational cultures that promote transparency, accountability, and
ongoing assessment. The program ensures that historically excluded and marginalized groups
have equitable access to resources, fostering an environment where all students can thrive.
Anticipated outcomes include increased enrollment and retention rates for non-traditional
students, enhanced diversity within STEMM pathways, and the creation of a supportive
educational ecosystem. A dedicated portion of Leap Forward’s budget will be allocated to
initiatives aligned with this pillar, with success measured through quantifiable metrics such as
increased enrollment and graduation rates, alongside qualitative assessments of inclusivity and
support. The goal is to realize these outcomes within the next two years, contributing to the
overarching strategy of creating opportunities for all in higher education through the impactful
Leap Forward program.
• Pillar 5: Opportunity, R.O.S.A is dedicated to advancing the Opportunity pillar within the
STEMM Opportunity Alliance, specifically focusing on ensuring all workers thrive in STEMM
careers. To support this, R.O.S.A will commit to implementing robust formal and informal
workforce development strategies within the Leap Forward program. Actions will include
providing targeted support to workers, both entry-level and those seeking advancement,
through specialized training, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities. By fostering a
supportive ecosystem, R.O.S.A anticipates increased ease for workers to enter and progress in
STEMM careers. Success will be measured through metrics such as increased participation in
workforce development programs, enhanced career progression rates, and feedback from
participants. A portion of the Leap Forward budget will be allocated to fund these initiatives,
with ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure alignment with the goals of the Opportunity
pillar. R.O.S.A’s goal is to achieve these outcomes within the next two years, contributing to the
broader national strategy of ensuring thriving opportunities for all workers in the STEMM field.

“R.O.S.A believes people have limitless potential. R.O.S.A envisions that through direct programming
and strategic partnerships we can positively impact hundreds of thousands of students who in turn
will fundamentally reshape the globe.”

SOA launched in December 2022 at the first-ever White House Summit on STEMM Equity and Excellence
with founding partners AAAS and the Doris Duke Foundation. In its first year, SOA engaged more than
1,500 cross-sector leaders and community members around the nation to co-construct the national
strategy. SOA hosted 12 in-person convenings across the country, five virtual town hall sessions and a
written comment period to co-develop the strategy, which is rooted in the lived experiences of those
doing the important work to achieve greater equity in STEMM.

At the 2024 White House Summit on STEMM Equity and Excellence, leaders in science, government,
education and industry gathered at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building to celebrate the national
strategy launch, reflect on the co-construction process and reaffirm commitments for the next phase.
The day-long summit also included panels with national leaders like Dr. Arati Prabhakar, director of
OSTP and assistant to the President for Science and Technology, and breakout sessions by pillar.


About STEMM Opportunity Alliance:

The STEMM Opportunity Alliance is a national effort by the American Association for the Advancement of
Science (AAAS), with the support from the Doris Duke Foundation (DDF), dedicated to building a STEMM
ecosystem rooted in equity, inclusion, and scientific excellence to power progress, innovation and
prosperity for all by 2050. This effort brings together organizations and entities from across sectors and
scientific communities that are committed to developing and advancing a national strategy for achieving
shared goals for equity in STEMM.