Qoppa Software PDF Processing API is now available on Rapid API, the well established API directory & marketplace. This new offering provides an easy way to connect to Qoppa’s hosted document services and start processing and converting PDF documents fast, reliably and securely.

The availability of this hosted simplified version of the Qoppa PDF API on Rapid API makes it possible for customers to simply subscribe through Rapid API and immediately start sending documents for processing via simple calls to the API, bypassing any server setup process. The billing model is simple and designed to accommodate different volume levels.

Currently, Qoppa’s Cloud PDF API on Rapid API supports the following endpoints (with many more functions planned to be added soon)

-Convert PDF to SVG/HTML
-Convert MS Word to PDF
-Convert PDF to PDF/A
-Preflight PDF Document
-OCR PDF Document
-Optimize PDF

Calls to Qoppa’s API can be made from any programming language including C, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Objective-C, PHP, Powershell, Python, etc… Code Snippets are provided for each language.

Connecting to Qoppa’s PDF API through Rapid API can be a simpler and cost effective option for smaller businesses, compared to deploying Qoppa Software flagship server product – PDF Automation Server – on their own servers. There are 3 different billing plans offered to accommodate each company’s needs, based on the number of calls / documents processed per month.

Qoppa Software produces cross-platform PDF software for end-users, developers and integrators. Qoppa continues to innovatively streamline products and interfaces to process documents more effectively. Qoppa provides the highest level of performance and reliability by carefully designing and developing its products with its own robust PDF technology.