To coincide with Mental Health Month, Google is launching “Be Kind To Your Mind” in collaboration with the CDC to share practical tips and resources to help individuals take care of their well-being. As the pandemic unfolds, the impact of social distancing on people’s jobs and lives is adversely affecting individuals mental health. We understand that access to the right information at the right time can save lives, and we aim to help individuals find information and take quicker action for their mental health.

“Be Kind To Your Mind” information will be on the Google Homepage on May 9th and on Search (ongoing) for COVID-19 related queries. We currently host a clinically validated depression self-screener to help individuals better understand their symptoms and next steps, and we plan to roll out additional tools over the course of the month. David Feinberg (Head of Google Health) authored an op-ed for Fortune Magazine about mental health during COVID-19 to bring awareness to this important issue.

  1. PAUSE. Breathe. Notice how you feel
  2. TAKE BREAKS from COVID-19 content
  3. MAKE TIME to sleep & exercise
  4. REACH OUT & stay connected
  5. SEEK HELP if overwhelmed or unsafe