ATLANTA (December 17, 2020) – Gimme, whose technology helps food service and grocery store delivery operators automate merchandising, announced Gimme VMS has been named Automatic Merchandiser’s 2020 Readers’ Choice New Product of the Year in the technology and equipment category. Along with this news, the company announced significant strides with several successful implementations of the product and a queue of operations waiting to be deployed.

Each year, Automatic Merchandiser asks its readers to identify their favorite, most requested, or best-selling products in the convenience service industry. Over 450 votes were cast, with the winning products representing offerings that demonstrate innovation, ingenuity, and excellence in catering to customers’ desires and market trends. Gimme VMS placed first in the Technology category this year.

Designed to provide an easy transition from legacy VMS systems, Gimme VMS, implements AI and computer vision to increase sales from optimized merchandising at the point of sale and reduce stockouts. This brings unprecedented efficiency as a mobile-first application for iOS devices.

Gimme VMS is device agnostic, with native apps for smartphones and tablets, as well as native support for Windows PC. It also works with telemeters and Gimme Keys to process information in real-time as it receives it. Gimme VMS uses live field data to provide greater accuracy and control over product inventory in multiple warehouses and ensures stable operation when offline.

“We designed Gimme VMS to respond to our customers’ evolving technology needs, so it’s an honor to be recognized for doing just that,” said Cory Hewett, Co-Founder and CEO of Gimme. “Gimme VMS delivers unprecedented efficiency to the fingertips of our customers and helps provide valuable capabilities for warehouse inventory, reporting, scheduling, and much more. This is more important today than ever before as operators double-down on how to improve inventory control through accuracy and efficiency.”

The product is already finding success with operational implementations. M&M Sales Company, Acme Music & Vending, and Weserv Inc. are among the first group of operators to see success through the implementation of Gimme VMS.

“We have always felt the Gimme folks were on the cutting edge of technologies that could assist at Acme in operating and evaluating our business,” said Thomas Cobb, President of Acme Vending Co. “We have been pleased with their development of products and the quick response time in dealing with issues that inevitably crop up.”

About Gimme
Gimme builds advanced hardware and software to help food service and grocery delivery operators automate merchandising. The company’s technology provides management for operators of grocery, convenience, vending machines, micro markets, and office coffee, helping them deliver amazing customer experiences. Gimme’s use of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning technologies impacts not only its own products and services, but also how the unattended retail industry operates. The technology provides machine status data to help operators focus on cash accountability and inventory tracking to reduce stockouts, accelerate warehousing and restocking, and streamline product planning. The company’s hardware product, the Gimme Key, is now the #1 wireless DEX adapter for direct store delivery, using Bluetooth Low Energy technology and replacing previous outdated legacy handhelds. For more information, visit or connect with Gimme on Twitter.