Gimme, whose solutions transform the way companies service micro markets, vending, and grocery delivery operations, today announced Gimme VMS. Designed for micro market, vending, and OCS/delivery management, Gimme VMS uses live field data to provide magnified and insightful access into operational data. This translates to increased sales from optimized merchandising at the point of sale, fewer stockouts, and increased route and warehouse efficiency.

“We designed Gimme VMS to respond to our customers’ evolving technology needs,” said Cory Hewett, Co-Founder and CEO of Gimme. “The VMSs our customers were using could not keep up with the fast-paced nature of today’s markets. Our customers asked us when we would build a better VMS for their operation. We have responded with Gimme VMS.”

Gimme VMS is a management platform that combines the computational power and scale of cloud-based architecture with the intuitive, easy-to-master user interface that comes from a mobile-first design strategy. Gimme built their VMS mobile-first so it could work harmoniously with other applications and allow users to visualize their entire operation on one device. Operators can now view and manage their warehouses, orders, techs, markets, machines, and delivery locations all in one place, from anywhere. Gimme VMS provides seamless transition from other VMS platforms. A modern perspective on historical data empowers users to extract valuable insights.

“Current VMSs are extremely large Excel spreadsheets that are required to live on the server they were created on and require a great deal of specialized training to operate skillfully,” added Hewett. “Our new VMS runs on any device, anywhere, and requires no training to quickly master, providing simple and actionable data to improve your business.”

The entry version of Gimme VMS is free, with the ability to add extra features and upgrades for an additional fee. These upgrades include storage, AI reports, phone support, and more. Gimme VMS is easy to use and simplifies the employee training process, to help retain current employees and attract the best talent.

“This is the perfect way for large operators to confidently transition to a new VMS on a timeline that makes sense for them,” said Evan Jarecki, Co-founder and CCO of Gimme. “It also helps operators new to a VMS measure the benefit of using Gimme’s software, without adding a new financial commitment. There are many operators out there who have been deterred to implement an enterprise-grade management solution due to the expense of training and complexity of implementation, leaving them with old VMSs that have been publicly depreciated or without a formal VMS at all. Gimme VMS is a game-changer and puts it within reach both from a financial and implementation perspective.”

Using modern technology designed to grow with operations, the Gimme VMS gives complete control and oversight into the entire operation. As long as a site has an internet connection, customers can access up-to-date information about their operation anytime, anywhere.

Real-Time Data
Gimme VMS synchronizes data between all online devices in real time. Multi-tenancy means it is inherently built to support multiple warehouses across different geographies. An asynchronous, bidirectional connection ensures stable operation even as devices are online or go offline.

Multi-Variable Reports
With Gimme VMS, users don’t have to be a data analyst to get specific figures about operational health. The multi-variable reporting tool allows for easy editing and generation of reports. Users get a custom look into the data they find most valuable.

Strong Transition Support
Gimme VMS is built to provide a smooth transition for teams already using an existing VMS. Transitions can be executed in stages or all at once, with systems to integrate current processes and applications without disrupting daily operations. Data migration is automatic for Streamware/VendMAX customers. Additional white glove transition support is available for all other VMS users. Training for field personnel and office staff is available remotely or in person.

Additional highlights of Gimme VMS include:

  • Mobile-first design
  • Intuitive, easy-to-master interface
  • Ability to oversee and manage an entire operation from one device
  • Slack-like integrated team chat
  • Fully cloud-based system architecture
  • Automatic software updates
  • Advanced security with at-rest and in-transit data encryption

Gimme VMS also integrates with:

  • LightSpeed pre-kitting
  • Various micro market platforms
  • Various cashless payment platforms (remote DEX and transactions)
  • Wirelessly with money room counting machines

With the newly expanded suite of mobile apps for markets, vending and OCS/Delivery, field personnel and service techs will be faster, and operators will achieve a higher degree of inventory accuracy to increase same-store sales and overall revenue.

This announcement comes on the heels of Gimme AutoDrive, a newly-developed software designed for micro markets and vending machines that automates the inventory process through video. AutoDrive is an add-on to the Gimme Field app for route drivers with markets, vending and OCS/delivery.

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About Gimme
Gimme transforms the way companies service micro markets, vending, and grocery by automatically identifying products, their placement, and inventory levels using computer vision verified by humans. Gimme’s software and wireless hardware eliminates errors and manual effort from warehouse staff and route drivers. Gimme empowers route drivers to focus on delivering amazing customer experiences, and operators to focus on cash accountability, inventory tracking, and machine status data. Gimme’s solutions prevent stockouts, accelerate warehousing and restocking, and streamline product planning. For more information, visit or connect with Gimme on Twitter.