ATLANTA (April 20, 2020) – Gimme, whose technology helps food service and grocery store delivery operators automate merchandising, today announced the new Gimme Key Pro has been named Automatic Merchandiser’s 2021 Readers’ Choice New Product of the Year in the technology category. Gimme Key Pro is a second-generation wireless data exchange (DEX) adapter engineered for the vending and direct store delivery (DSD) market that delivers short-shelf-life products to grocery and convenience stores.

This is the third year in a row Gimme has been recognized for its innovative technology. Gimme was named Product of the Year in 2019 for Gimme Field Software, and Product of the Year for Gimme VMS in 2020.

Each year, Automatic Merchandiser asks its readers to vote for their favorite, best-selling, or most requested new products in the convenience service industry. This year, more than 1,000 votes were cast for the best products introduced in 2020, with the winning products representing offerings that demonstrate innovation, ingenuity, and excellence in catering to customers’ desires and market trends. Although COVID-19 changed the needs of the operator and the customer overnight, manufacturers rose to the challenge and brought forth products to meet those needs. The Gimme Key Pro placed first in the Technology category.

“We are so excited to see our product recognized by an industry we love and respect,” said Cory Hewett, Co-Founder and CEO of Gimme. “We took an entirely new approach when building the Gimme Key Pro and are so pleased with the outcome and tangible benefits it is providing to our customers.”

Designed with an upgraded, ultra-durable rugged new design to extend lifespan in the field, Gimme Key Pro hosts a myriad of new features including an expansive new battery with an expected battery life of over two times the Legacy Gimme Key. Watch Gimme co-founders Cory Hewett and Evan Jarecki demonstrate the durability of the new Gimme Key Pro in action here.

“We have spent countless hours learning from drivers, supervisors, developers and manufacturers, so that we can facilitate the most reliable and accurate DEX transaction available today,” added Hewett. “Our customers are especially excited about the seamless integration of the Gimme Key Pro with Gimme VMS, and the extensive two- to seven-year battery life.”

Gimme Key Pro features also include:

● Unmatched Strength: Unique aluminum alloy blend offers unmatched strength, durability, and dimensional stability.
● Significantly Faster: Upgraded with a new ARM cortex-M4F processor, up to 46 percent faster to accomplish tasks and go back into a low power sleep state.
● Years Long Battery Life: Depending on the number of daily DEX file transfers, the Gimme Key Pro lasts for 2-7 years… without ever needing to charge.

To learn more about the Gimme Key Pro or to place an order, please visit our website.

About Gimme
Gimme builds advanced hardware and software to help food service and grocery delivery operators automate merchandising. The company’s technology provides management for operators of grocery, convenience, vending machines, micro markets, and office coffee, helping them deliver amazing customer experiences. Gimme’s use of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning technologies impacts not only its own products and services, but also how the unattended retail industry operates. The technology provides machine status data to help operators focus on cash accountability and inventory tracking to reduce stockouts, accelerate warehousing and restocking, and streamline product planning. The company’s hardware product, the Gimme Key, is now the #1 wireless DEX adapter for direct store delivery, using Bluetooth Low Energy technology and replacing previous outdated legacy handhelds. For more information, visit or connect with Gimme on Twitter.