CodeLaunch has announced its cohort of four Finalists for the first-ever CodeLaunch event outside of Dallas/Ft. Worth. Those Finalists have competed in a month’s long competition to earn the coveted professional hackathon, which is much sought after by tech startups. Produced by Improving CodeLaunch is a unique type of accelerator driven by the idea that professional consulting agencies can and should collaborate to uplift tech startups from an early stage with highly skilled and expensive labor from the world’s best technology professionals given to them for free.

CodeLaunch ATL 2021 Finalists This quarter CodeLaunch is headed to Atlanta on August 18, 2021. This year’s group of CodeLaunch ATL Finalists was curated by the CodeLaunch Selection Committee over a span of 8 weeks. The CodeLaunch ATL Finalists are: Evva Health, Atlanta, GA Evva Health is building a platform to bring best-in-class dementia care to all communities in an easy-to-understand, approachable, and affordable experience. GreenChips, Atlanta, GA GreenChips’ mission is to decrease users’ anxiety, stress, and worries while planning for their financial future by using their app that goes beyond what traditional finance apps provide. iStory, Alpharetta, GA iStory, Arrivu’s first product, integrates voice/AI, rich media, and analytics, enabling marketers to create engaging interactive content cost efficiently. TinySponsor, Los Angeles, CA TinySponsor is a marketplace that helps creators and influencers get paid for their talent and helps businesses and brands engage new audiences. Carl Hanna, Co-founder of Evva Health, said,

“Evva Health is building a digital caregiving platform to support families caring for an aging loved one. We are super excited to collaborate with Improving Atlanta and CodeLaunch to help bring our solution to these deserving families.”

Rashedia Mayhane of GreenChips said, “I applied for CodeLaunch last year and didn’t get in. However, it allowed me to elevate GreenChips. CodeLaunch has been helpful even without even getting into the competition last year, and it propelled us to become a Finalist this year.”

Stephen Mallik, Co-founder of iStory, said, “I’ve never experienced something like CodeLaunch. Improving is going out of their way to help startups while not expecting anything in return. I have never seen that before. I am super impressed.” A

ttending CodeLaunch At CodeLaunch ATL the Finalists will take part in the live pitch competition, and the Overall Winner will be announced in an exciting finale. Only people in attendance will be able to vote for the Overall Winner using ProTexting. After the finale attendees will get to rub elbows and tap knuckles with 500 or more other guests including many other startups. There will be at least 25 to 35 startup exhibitors to meet and network with.

When asked why a VC or angel should attend CodeLaunch, Jason W. Taylor, President and Founder of CodeLaunch, said, “VCs and angels are always looking for deal flow. Tomorrow’s deal flow starts today at CodeLaunch, and our track record proves it.”

The dev shops taking part in the CodeLaunch ATL professional hackathon are Build Technology Group, Improving Atlanta, Improving Houston, and Code Authority. Thank you, Build Technology Group (Woodstock, GA), for leaning into conscious capitalism and the spirit of CodeLaunch! CodeLaunch would not be possible without its sponsors. This year’s sponsors include Improving Atlanta, Build Technology Group, Frontline Capital Partners, Chick-fil-a Avalon, Fuel Coffee, Montra, Cybriant, Visionaire Partners, and FirstGen Agency.

Meet the Crushed It Panel The Crushed It panel is made up of people who reached post-CodeLaunch success. In other words, they crushed it! Matthew Swarts, Co-Founder of CharaChorder, is one half of the Crushed It panel. His startup, CharaChorder, was a CodeLaunch 7 Finalist that has moved on to do great things since CodeLaunch. Their product, the CharaChorder Lite, was 100% funded on Kickstarter within 24 hours, and it raised over $100,000 on the fundraising platform.

The other half of the Crushed It panel is Curtis McConnell, CEO of Authentify Art. Authentify Art was last year’s CodeLaunch 8 Overall Winner. Authentify Art aims to create a verification system for art, which has never been done before. They have raised over $950,000 since CodeLaunch 8. As an attendee, you will hear from Matthew and Curtis as they share their CodeLaunch experience, their success, and more. Reserve Your Spot at CodeLaunch ATL Today! The only way to participate in CodeLaunch is to get a ticket before they are sold out. Attendance is limited to 500 people.

Reserve your access to CodeLaunch today by grabbing a ticket here while they last! Exhibit space and sponsorships are still available.

Contact CodeLaunch Founder, Jason W. Taylor, at 469.656.5021 ASAP.