Dispersive Networks Virtual Network offers a highly secure alternative to traditional point-to-point VPNs with the ancillary benefit of faster delivery of real-time data.

Atlanta, GA, January 21, 2020 – Envistacom LLC, a leading technology company that delivers advanced communications, cyber, intelligence operations, and other related solutions and services to U.S. and coalition partners in the aerospace, defense, and intelligence communities, announced that it has partnered with Dispersive Networks, a provider of ultra-secure virtual networking for mission-critical solutions, to integrate the “Dispersive™ Virtual Network” (DVN) into the company’s network solutions and enhance communications and security for customers around the world.

Dispersive Networks is a next generation network security innovator who, inspired by battlefield-proven wireless techniques, developed DVN as a multi-path software-defined network security overlay solution. DVN sends packets via multiple streams to deliver new levels of security, reliability, and performance. By splitting, encrypting and programming the individual streams to move when attacked or impaired, the network becomes self-healing, obfuscated and immune to attacks while outperforming traditional SD WAN and VPN solutions.

While many SD-WAN solutions combine routing, critical network functions and applications, few also include comprehensive security. Dispersive Network’s SASE solution has become critical in powering our customer’s digital transformation.  We are proud to join forces with Dispersive and offer this technology to our customers,” said Alan Carson, President, Envistacom.

During a recent Special Operations Forces (SOF) Joint Innovation Battle Lab (JIBL) exercise, Dispersive Networks terrestrial DVN Network solution was tested with an Envistacom satellite network solution in a variety of strategic scenarios.  Together, the companies facilitated multiple Full Motion Video (FMW) and other data communications feeds seamlessly and securely across diverse and disparate networks, enhancing mission capabilities.

“Envistacom is the one of the fastest growing and most innovative leaders in satellite communications and Enterprise technology solutions & services.  Dispersive is honored to be a part of Envistacom’s growing solution set and we look forward to supporting their efforts to improve customer and mission communications,” said Dispersive Networks Chief Revenue Officer, Christopher Swan.

About Envistacom LLC

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Envistacom provides communications, cyber and intelligence operations solutions to the U.S. DoD and coalition partners in the aerospace, defense, and intelligence communities. Customers rely on Envistacom for rapid-response, secure technology solutions and subject-matter expertise to support mission critical operations. With an elite team of former military leaders and domain experts located in 11 countries, and multiple indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicles worth over $55 billion, Envistacom is a trusted partner in protecting military, civilians and critical infrastructure around the world.  Envistacom is a Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business (DWOSB). For more information on solutions or contract vehicles, please visit www.envistacom.com, and follow @Envistacom on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

About Dispersive Networks
Dispersive Networks provides a radically different approach to secure virtual networking which delivers new levels of security, reliability, and performance. The company offers 100% software-based virtual networking that provides a foundation for innovation and digital transformation across industry verticals. Inspired by battlefield-proven wireless radio techniques, the Dispersive™ Virtualized Network dynamically splits session-level IP traffic at the edge device into smaller, independent and individually encrypted packet streams. It enables partners to securely connect digital businesses, products, clouds and technologies end-to-end across any kind of network infrastructure, including the public internet. Dispersive Networks’ proven technology secures and accelerates the connected world. For more information, visit www.dispersive.io.