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ConnectALL, an integration provider dedicated to helping companies achieve higher levels of productivity, agility and velocity, today announced it is a sponsor of the upcoming Lean+Agile Unconference. Slated for Friday, February 20, 2020 from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM, the event will be held in the Forsyth Conference Center at Lanier Technical College just outside Atlanta. ConnectALL VP of Products Andrew Fuqua will be speaking at the event, along with Software Craftmanship Architect Mike Clement.

“ConnectALL is excited to be sponsoring this conference, which is an innovator in its own right,” said ConnectALL CEO Brett Taylor. “We’re supporting Andrew and his co-presenter and colleague in every way possible.”

Unlike “hard-coded” conventional conferences, attendees at the Unconference will gather and build a unique, mutual agenda and then convene five sessions where they can exchange ideas, share peer-to-peer learning, and engage in meaningful conversations revolving around the software world’s two hottest topics: lean and agile.

“The Unconference connects the software industry’s most passionate evangelists and places them together in an atmosphere of creativity and encouragement,” said ConnectALL COO Lance Knight. “This inspiration helps organizations evolve their visions for using lean and agile to achieve higher levels of visibility and agility.”

Fuqua and Clement both have strong track records as software innovators, and the Unconference is just the latest example of their efforts to make software engineering more approachable and less rigid.

“Mike and I developed the Unconference as a direct response to traditional conference environments,” said Fuqua. “Rather than pigeonholing attendees into predetermined tracks or themes, the Unconference is a loosely structured gathering where topics and themes are generated by the attendees. The agenda can go wherever they want it to go.”

“We also eliminated classroom-style conference sessions, where presenters deliver content in a one-way stream with no attendee engagement,” Clements adds. “The Unconference allows ideas to flourish and evolve as the day goes by.”

Fuqua came to ConnectALL with a 30-year history of using an iterative and incremental approach to crafting software and a long career as an Enterprise Transformation Consultant at LeadingAgile. Clements is the Architect/Team Lead at Emmersion Learning. Passionate about agile technical excellence, he also founded and organizes Software Crafters Atlanta and previously organized the Agile Roots conference, among other achievements.

Although attendance at the Unconference is strictly capped to ensure a high-quality experience for everyone, a limited number of tickets are still available:

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