ConnectALL, a leading provider of value stream management solutions, today announced a new feature ̶ the ability to incorporate OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) into its value stream management solution. The integration of OKR solutions into the software value stream enables corporations to associate business outcomes with code in production.

“Equipping our customers to connect OKRs to software delivery will provide unparalleled visibility into their value streams,” said ConnectALL Chief Operating Officer Lance Knight. “At the same time, we are helping organizations build the right products and services that align to business outcomes.”

“Integrating OKRs into the software delivery value stream enables stakeholders to federate corporate objectives across the whole value stream and visualize, in real time, the completion of tasks that deliver on those objectives,” Knight continued. “Connecting OKRs to value streams is invaluable to tracking and visualizing that pursuit.”

The ability to connect OKRs to value streams will supercharge ConnectALL’s analytics capabilities, giving business leaders visibility of goal completion across the full value stream. With ConnectALL insights, they can also drill down to see more granular data, connecting OKR’s to associated Epics, features, User Stories, defects and more.

Executives will have visibility from their objectives (and everything related to objectives) all the way down to code in production ̶ regardless of the tool with which they are being managed. With OKR integrations such as Gtmhub, artifacts will be federated through the value stream to help manage the delivery of key business activities and promote achievement of business outcomes.

Furthermore, the bi-directional synchronization powered by ConnectALL lets teams track the progress of required activities to achieve an objective throughout the software delivery process. At the same time, it will promote outcome alignment across the complete software delivery pipeline.

“Imagine a world where business leaders can effectively track and manage their digital transformations,” Knight continued. “By connecting their value streams to their outcomes, ConnectALL has made that vision come true.”

“We are beginning our foray into OKR solutions with Gtmhub, a top-rated, pure-play OKR tool, but this is just the beginning,” said ConnectALL Chief Operating Officer Lance Knight. “Since ConnectALL can integrate any two software platforms, companies can use OKRs in a way never before possible.”

“They can use them to see how changes and corrections affect an extraordinary array of business and customer service activities in Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ZenDesk and many, many more,” Knight concluded. “The options are truly limitless.”

About ConnectALL
ConnectALL helps companies achieve value stream management and create business value by bringing software innovation to market faster. The company’s integration platform, which was awarded Best in Show in the Value Stream Management category of the 2019 SD Times 100 and ranked a “High Performer” in the G2 Spring and Summer 2020 Reports. ConnectALL unifies applications, tools, people and processes, connecting dozens of software delivery tools and facilitating powerful cross-team collaboration. In short, it empowers the true value drivers of software development — humans — to achieve project goals. Paired with its Universal Adapter, ConnectALL can unite an unlimited number of tools for seamless collaboration, bi-directional information capture and exchange, automated event triggering, and much more. For more information, visit

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