ATLANTA – CareTrack, a patient adherence solution, is proud to announce its innovative work on behalf of Ornish Lifestyle Medicine by Sharecare, the first and only Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation (ICR) program scientifically proven in randomized controlled trials to often reverse the progression of coronary heart disease and many other chronic conditions, without drugs or surgery. Now available through a virtual delivery model, Ornish Lifestyle Medicine is reimbursed by Medicare and many commercial plans.

Developed by Dean Ornish, MD, Ornish Lifestyle Medicine by Sharecare is comprised of four key pillars – nutrition, fitness, stress management, and love and support – and provides each program cohort with a dedicated, certified team of clinical experts. By using lifestyle changes as less invasive and often more effective options than medication or surgical interventions alone, the Ornish program empowers individuals to improve their heart function.

In the virtual delivery model, CareTrack communicates with potential patients and referring physicians to operationalize eligibility, patient enrollment and the approval process. Through this relationship, CareTrack’s enrollment teams ensure that patients are given the instructions and resources necessary to improve their heart health while encouraging physicians to refer their patients to the program.

“We are thrilled about delivering our patient adherence and registration support services to current and potential Ornish Lifestyle Medicine by Sharecare patients and physicians,” CareTrack CEO and Co-founder Andrew Mills said. “As part of this initiative, we can’t wait to see the impact of not only treating but also reversing heart disease for patients across the country.”

As an extension of the team, CareTrack supported the initial launch of the virtual Ornish Lifestyle Medicine by Sharecare by:

  • Communicating with more than 6,000 patients nationwide
  • Contacting more than 200 interested providers
  • Distributing and/or receiving nearly 14,000 emails and more than 3,000 phone calls

According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the leading cause of death in the U.S. with annual CVD-related medical costs reaching $273 billion in direct costs and $172 billion in indirect costs. By 2030, indirect costs associated with the disease are estimated to reach $276 billion. Annually, nearly 1.3 million U.S. adults may qualify for outpatient cardiac rehabilitation to improve heart health with only 20 percent of eligible patients participating in such in-person programs.

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