LocatorX, an innovative tracking technology provider, announced today that they were named the Gold Winner of “Company Response of the Year: Creative Ways Companies are Giving Back During COVID-19” from the 2020 Customer Sales & Service Awards. LocatorX was recognized for developing and launching a National Medical Device Registry in May 2020, enabling any participating hospital to log their life-saving equipment at no cost during the COVID-19 crisis. The registry also helps hospitals quickly and easily identify the status of ventilators available for loan.

LocatorX provides accurate, flexible and inexpensive tracking technology to retailers, manufacturers and distributors across a variety of industries.

“We track assets— the most important things in your life—and we definitely recognized the need to offer our technology to help the healthcare industry in the early days of the pandemic,” said Steve Maul, Chief Revenue Officer, LocatorX. “The registry will remain available to help the hospitals, doctors, nurses, administrators monitor and track ventilators, as well as additional healthcare equipment as the COVID-19 crisis enters the winter months.”

LocatorX is providing tracking labels for ventilators—or any vital healthcare equipment—that a hospital has in its possession, enabling fast location and status reporting. Nurses, respiratory therapists, and other authorized personnel can download and use the LocatorX smartphone app for free to scan a label on the equipment and track each time an action occurs that affects that unit’s availability.

LocatorX is also providing free tracking labels for ventilator manufacturers to apply to equipment before shipment to healthcare facilities.

The Customer Sales and Service World Awards celebrate the achievements of sales, service, global business services, business development individuals, teams, and achievements behind the year’s most outstanding initiatives. This annual awards program celebrates the individuals and teams who set industry benchmarks for excellence.

Initially founded with technology discovered at the University of Oxford, LocatorX has patented new techniques such as a cutting-edge, solid-state miniature atomic clock to track shipments precisely. With innovative cryptographic technologies and flexible and portable tracking options, LocatorX empowers clients to overcome common logistics obstacles and support greater engagement with their customers.

Learn more about LocatorX at https://www.locatorx.com/