AchieveIt Online, LLC, a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise software for planning and execution, today announced significant new upgrades to its software platform, including custom visual dashboards to provide clear view of plan progress and a new List View to assist with performance and functionality.

Custom Dashboards
The newly released Custom Dashboard allows users to build custom views of their AchieveIt data, so intended audiences can quickly process the information that is most important and relevant to them and their specific role.

Custom Dashboards now allow users to build branded, custom reports quickly, without cutting and pasting from multiple sources. They also allow users to combine a variety of data formats to provide not just metric and status information, but also the context leaders need to understand the “why” behind the numbers. Text and Plan Item Table widgets allow users to quickly add qualitative data, such as progress update comments from initiative leaders or risk-benefit analyses. The combination of quantitative and qualitative data eliminates the need for time-consuming back-and-forth clarification and allows leaders to make better decisions.

List View
The new List View upgrades the performance and functionality of one of AchieveIt’s primary plan views. The view is now optimized for a more modern, intuitive user experience, and loads data five times faster than the previous view. This feature now shows plans and initiatives in a clean, easy-to-read table format. Users can schedule reports of this view to be distributed across teams or the entire organization so that everyone can stay up to date on the progress of the plan.

“We are continually looking for ways to elevate and improve our offering, and these new features take visualization and collaboration to an entirely new level,” said Christy Johnson, CEO, AchieveIt. “Not only do they streamline processes, they provide custom views to help teams share reports and better visualize overall goals and performance. This collaborative access helps teams make better, more informed decisions to help achieve organizational goals.”

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About AchieveIt

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