By Larry K. Williams, TAG President and CEO

Our innovation ecosystem makes Georgia the perfect place for harnessing the potential of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). From finance and healthcare to manufacturing and transportation, AI has the power to open endless doors of opportunity.

The recent grant awarded to the Georgia AI Manufacturing (GA-AIM) coalition is poised to establish Georgia as a leader in AI manufacturing. The grant will drive the substantial expansion of Georgia Tech’s Artificial Intelligence Manufacturing Pilot Facility (AI-MPF), transforming it into one of the nation’s first manufacturing labs dedicated to autonomy. GA-AIM’s vision is to revolutionize the state’s industrial economy by fostering AI talent and innovation across all manufacturing sectors.

Meanwhile, Georgia’s Gwinnett County public schools have long been at the forefront of AI education. Since 2019, the district has spearheaded a groundbreaking initiative to establish a cluster of public schools offering AI-focused curricula. Last fall, the initiative reached a groundbreaking milestone with the opening of the nation’s first AI high school: Seckinger High. Through a holistic approach, the school ensures that every student graduates with a solid understanding of AI, preparing them to seamlessly integrate into the workforce of tomorrow.

With such a buzz around AI, we must not only recognize our achievements but take a closer look at the ethical implications. Join TAG’s Data Science & Analytics Society on June 13th to dive deeper into best practices and hear from Dayana Cope of Delta Air Lines, Shannon Harlow of Cox Automotive and Paul Root Wolpe of Emory Center for Ethics as they share valuable insights on solutions for a better future. Register here.