By Larry K. Williams, TAG president and CEO

This week, The Technology Councils of North America (TECNA) released its latest report titled, “Tech Workforce Trends: The Migration of Tech Jobs Since The Pandemic,” showcasing the  migration and measure of job change of tech workers throughout the United States.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, when it comes to remote tech job growth, the United States experienced an unprecedented increase of 421% compared to the pre-pandemic baseline of January 2020. In comparison, remote postings for all occupations increased by 190% during the same period. The findings for Georgia were particularly impressive. When it comes to tech job growth, Georgia is ranked fifth in the nation. In the last year alone, our region has seen an 8.1% increase in tech workers.

The report suggests that, while traditional tech hubs continue to drive jobs, hundreds of thousands of roles are being created in Georgia specifically. In particular, our state has become a prime destination for tech jobs because of a diverse and robust talent pool.

At TAG, we will continue to support Georgia’s ever-expanding tech workforce through our many initiatives. Our recent launch of the Bridge Builders program ensures that, as we drive innovation, we also push for inclusion. Georgia’s underrepresented talent, specifically black entrepreneurs and professionals, are at the focus of our initiatives to drive diversity in our tech ecosystem.

In light of our mission to fuel Georgia’s innovation economy, TAG’s Educational Collaborative (TAG-Ed) also offers an excellent summer internship program. Through this initiative, we continue to foster the next generation of Georgia’s tech talent by connecting talented students with practical experiences and inspiring mentors. Learn more about how you can host one of our impressive summer interns here.