By Larry K. Williams, TAG President and CEO

Last week, TAG Digital Health Society and The Georgia Chapter of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) hosted Health Information Technology Day at the Capitol. The event attracted more than 50 attendees and featured panel conversations around legislative, social and technological issues impacting Georgia’s rural and urban healthcare delivery ecosystem. We were fortunate to hear from a variety of inspiring speakers, including Anna Adams from the Georgia Hospital Association, City of Albany Mayor Bo Dorough, Dr. Denise Hines from the Georgia Health Information Network and more.

The event served as the perfect opportunity to highlight the impressive digital health ecosystem throughout the region. It is clear that the digital revolution in healthcare is upon us, with advancements ranging from clinical decision-supporting software and mobile medical applications to machine learning, artificial intelligence and beyond. These technologies have immense potential to improve disease diagnosis and treatment accuracy, as well as enhance healthcare delivery. And, Georgia is leading the way, boasting over 480 companies within the digital health sector, including prominent names like Brightree, Waystar, Philips Healthcare, nThrive and Allscripts. With a statewide revenue estimated at $11.8 billion, there is no doubt our community will only continue to produce innovative digital health technologies to improve medical care for all.

The Digital Health Society’s mission is to be a catalyst for furthering Georgia as a leader in healthcare technology through opportunities in education, networking and collaboration. As such, the society created the Digital Health Ecosystem to showcase the digital health companies that have chosen Georgia as their home. And, if you’d like to learn how can you get involved, please reach out to Society Board Chair Robin Hackney via email at