MJV Innovation, a leading global consultancy on digital transformation, customer experience, and design thinking, has released its NRF Insights report sharing key discussions and takeaways from the NRF’s annual conference. The report covers the most important topics on the 2024 NRF agenda including a situational analysis of global forces shaping the business landscape, AI, phygital as the future of brick-and-mortar, personalization at scale, the 2024 retail forecast and more.

As NRF convened the leaders of the world’s largest retail companies to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the industry in 2024, MJV participated as a sponsor of the event. It is now bringing the most important insights learned during the conference to help leaders in retail and consumer products adapt to the 2024 landscape.

Download the report for free at: https://trendsreport.mjvinnovation.com/en-us/nrf-trends-report-2024/ On the heels of the release of the report, MJV has introduced an initiative to bring live in-house presentations about the top insights from NRF to companies. Titled NRF In-Company, MJV is offering the service to companies in either a virtual or in-person format. Insights and strategies shared during the presentation cover artificial intelligence, data, customer loyalty, in-store experience, phygital, retail media, supply chain management, omnichannel and more. The presentation is tailored to the trends and strategies most relevant to the company and includes interactive Q&A with MJV’s team of strategists with the goal of helping companies anticipate trends, and discover how to incorporate them into their business models to gain a competitive advantage.

Register for an NRF In-Company presentation at: https://services.mjvinnovation.com/en-us/nrf-in-company/

About MJV Technology and Innovation: MJV Technology and Innovation is a leading global consulting and development firm specializing in digital transformation. The firm serves Fortune 500 clients including Coca-Cola, Delta, BNP, Cartier, and more in implementing data-driven innovation and strategies, including design thinking, ESG practices, consumer experiences, and data analytics. The firm was founded in 1997 and has locations across the US, Europe, and Latin America.