Information Technology organizations, systems integrators, and software providers have never had so many opportunities for innovation nor faced so many challenges in keeping pace with stakeholder and customer demands and staying ahead of the competition. The complexity of designing, developing, testing, and continuously delivering software, coupled with efficiently operating modern systems and applications creates many barriers to success. DevOps addresses this by promoting active communication and collaboration between software developers and other information technology professionals as well as automating the process of software delivery and infrastructure management.

The mission of the TAG DevOps society is to build a community of practitioners, educators, and policymakers to engage in an ongoing discussion of the broad array of DevOps topics. Through regularly held meetings, events, and presentations, we address topics of interest for those designing, developing, and delivering modern software for the Cloud, Mobility, IoT, the Industrial Internet, and Machine Learning.

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Recent Devops News

GT Software’s Director of z Systems Dusty Rivers Wins IBM Champions Lifetime Achievement Award

GT Software, a mainframe modernization software company, announces today that Dusty Rivers, the company’s Director of z Systems Software: IMS & CICS, has been selected to win the very first IBM Champions Lifetime Achievement Award for Z.

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ConnectALL Announces Support for Business Outcomes in Its Value Stream Management Solutions

The ConnectALL VSM solution will now give business leaders even greater ability to manage and achieve business outcomes by connecting OKR tools to their value streams.

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Startup Atlanta Releases the 2020 Guide to the Ecosystem

Guide features startup-focused organizations, media, spaces, schools, funding, and more.

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