2020 Trends in Blockchain and Digital Assets

Future trends of blockchain and digital assets indicate there is no slowing down, and blockchain will continue to act as a catalyst for digital transformation. Take a closer look at the trends in the industry, regulatory, and tax updates that made the news in the blockchain and digital asset space in 2020.

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The emerging technology known as blockchain has inspired a remarkable ecosystem of new companies creating innovative business models that leverage the capability. Several large corporate entities that call Georgia home are taking advantage of this ecosystem and experimenting with blockchain technology as well.


    • Consider distributed ledgers aka blockchain as a foundational technology with applications in multiple spaces
    • Provide TAG member companies with competitive advantage
    • Create an intellectually open environment towards all developing and yet undiscovered & undeveloped use cases
    • Be a credible source and knowledge base for other TAG societies, government and community at large
    • Engender a collaborative climate for more blockchain projects, companies and a positive investor sentiment towards blockchain for increased investment in Georgia
“Blockchain beyond the hype: What is the strategic business value?” June 2018 | Article

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