TAG Legislative Victories

TAG Legislative Accomplishment List

: Mobile BILD Act (2014)

HB766: Work based learning opportunities to assist in preparing students, and employers for Technology careers.  Student is granted lease time from school to work (2014)

HB809: Prohibit bad faith assertions of patent infringement (2014)

HB318: Invest Georgia/ Angel Investor Tax Credit – Extension (2013)

HB254: Use of Electronic Insurance Cards (2013)

HB 283: Edcuation funding modification – Technology Funding for Schools (2013)

HB175: Online and digital learning (2012)

HB706: Bring your own technology to school (2012)

HB868: Economic Development incentives; R&D tax credit (2012)

HB1027: Interactive Gaming tax credit, film credit (2012)

HR1162: Charter School Constitutional Amendment (2012)

SB289: Digital Learning (2012)

SB402: Public Pension Reform; Alternative Assets; ERS (2012)

HB30: Employer/Employee contracts (2011)

HB86: Manufacturing tax exemptions (2011)

HB192: Created a State Emdcuation Finance Study Commission… Assessing and possibly establishing technology funding per student in schools (2011)

HB256: collection of 9-1-1- fees on Pre-paid wireless (2011)

SB57:  Povides moving violations associated with a school bus enforced by video technology… TAG members where engaged. (2011)

R68: Science and Technology Strategic Initiative Joint Study Commission (2011)

HB1069: Angel Investor Tax credit (2010)

SB319: Digital Textbooksw:  Definition of textbook includes computer hardware/technical equipment to support use of nonprint or digital content (2010)

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