Recent Developments Will Delay Open Internet Rules

December 2014


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Recent Developments Will Delay Open Internet Rules


During the second week of November President Obama chimed in on the contentious net neutrality debate, asking the FCC to “keep the Internet free and open” and to “reclassify Internet service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act.”

Perhaps the most notable part of his statement, however, was that “it has become plain that there is more work to do,” which means that we certainly won’t be getting new Open Internet rules by the end of the year.

Since the proposed rules were released, however, the FCC has received nearly 4 million public comments in the docket, the most ever received in an FCC proceeding.

Many of those comments voiced concern that the FCC’s proposed rules would allow for so-called “paid prioritization” that would allow edge providers to pay ISPs for preferred access to their customers. The multitude of comments appears to have shifted the FCC’s stance on the rules, potentially pushing them towards a different approach.

Ultimately, all of these factors have now delayed the rules into next year despite the FCC’s initial stated goals of passing rules by the end of 2014.





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Recent Developments Will Delay Open Internet Rules


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